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Oh la la! Are you heading to France on holidays? Well, you've made a good choice! Just a hop, skip and a jump over the Channel and you're there! France is the home of romance, beautiful in every way, each region with its own history… what is the best way to discover this rich and vast country? Definitely with cheap car rentals in France. If you're starting your trip with some cheap flight tickets to France then it's best to reserve a car hire France airport.

Whether you touch down in Paris, Marseille, Lyon or elsewhere, always make sure you do your trip planning far in advance. That's as true for finding great car hire deals in France as it is for finding the cheapest flights to France as well!

Driving in France: parking and other tips

Driving in France can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting in and about large metropolitan cities like Paris and Marseille. Speed limits are as follows: highways 130km/h, motorways 110km/h, urban roads 50km/h. Alcohol tolerance is a little less strict than in the UK but you should always stop after your first glass of wine at dinner if you're planning to drive back to your hotel in France afterwards.

On any French road trip, take time to stop with your rent car in France to discover the smaller cities and towns along the way. You definitely won't be disappointed! Many of France's highways are toll routes, so if you want to avoid dishing out, stick to the slower motorways that take the "scenic route." Across France it can be hard to park your economy car hire. The general rule is to stick with guarded car parks near city centre’s or always book hotels with parking available.

Road trips in France: what to do, what to see



Paris is pure magic. It doesn't matter if you're visiting the City of Lights solo, with your family or even your sweetheart, you'll swoon over the incredible art at the Louvre, relive an age long lost but not forgotten on the artistic Left Bank and wish you could stay forever when you see the Eiffel Tower! Paris is the epicentre of French food and one should never underestimate a humble looking bistro or a loaf of fresh bread.



Provence is perhaps the best place if you want to see true France. It's a touch of the sophisticated Cote d'Azur, set against the backdrop of sea and mountains. Cruise from Aix-en-Provence to Avignon, to Arles and Orange. Cannes is a good stop as well, especially if you're in France during the famous film festival. If you have time, Monaco is within easy reach as well!



Brittany is sure to please on any trip to France. The north-western region of France is the home of Asterix & Obelix and is charmingly beautiful. Gastronomy is king here, so dig into the local dishes and flavours at cafes, bistros and restaurants. The Pink Granite Coast shouldn't be missed, its views and hiking trails are world-class.

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