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What you should know before hiring a car in Limoges

Limoges city centre
Limoges–Bellegarde Airport (LIG): 5 mi from city centre

Car hires in Limoges: practical information

Where to rent a car in Limoges

Limoges, where you can really get a taste of the French countryside. Book your flights to Limoges and then make sure you also look for a car hire Limoges airport so that you have the freedom to explore the beautiful region around you. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of selection when it comes to a one way car hire in Limoges. At the Bellegarde Airport there are only two car hire companies, Hertz and Europcar.

In the city itself you can hire a car from two different places. Car hire Limoges train station are located just off of the Jardin du Champ de Juillet, Europcar and Oneway ADA.

Driving in Limoges: parking and other tips

There is a ton of city parking available in Limoges so finding a spot to park your cheapest car hire in Limoges shouldn't be too difficult. Parking fees vary from car park to car park but generally you can expect €1/hour to €1.20/hour. All day parking costs anywhere from €7/day to €10/day. There is an outdoor car park at the railway station, while most all other car parks are covered. Need parking for your entire holiday in Limoges? Check out the listings on for cheap hotels in Limoges that offer parking facilities to guests!

Limoges is a fine destination if you're looking to update your porcelain collection. It's also located smack-dab in the middle of France, a hub of French culture and countryside. While so traditional in style, Limoges is also a huge study city with equally as huge university student population. Visit the porcelain shops and then get out and explore more of the region with your low cost car hire in Limoges.

Road trips from Limoges: what to do, what to see

Bernardaud Porcelain Factory


Just outside the city centre is the Bernardaud Porcelain Factory, 25 av Albert Thomas. It's open daily for visitors from June until September for a small fee. The rest of the year the factory is only open to visitors on weekdays. Visit the shop and get a closer look at this region's crafty artisans at work. Authentic porcelain is by far the best souvenir to bring home from a trip to Limoges.



Clermont-Ferrand is just over 2hour and 30 minutes drive away from Limoges. It is one of the oldest cities in France, surrounded by long-time extinct volcanoes. Puy-de-Dôme is the most famous, just 10 km from the city centre.The old streets are laden with shops and small parks, particularly nice is the Jardin le Coq. Eat a truffade at a local bakery shop and enjoy the view from the top of Les Cotes.



Bordeaux is a little more than three hours drive away. It's quite a hike for a day trip but makes a good addition to any trip to Limoges. It's essential to rent a car in Limoges if you want to tour the famous wineries and vineyards around Bordeaux since they're quite hard to reach without your own personal means of transport. Do remember however, if you will be tasting then designate a driver.

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