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5 tips to find cheap tickets

Do you love travelling? Do you take-off on a trip whenever you have the chance? To get going as soon as possible, become an expert at searching for cheap tickets! is the best place to start: it's a free and powerful tool that allows you to search for cheap flights from all the travel agencies and airlines online simultaneously. Follow these tips and you're on your way to finding cheap tickets for your next trip.

Tip #1: Fly low cost!

Want to take-off more often without dishing out? Choose destinations that are accessible with cheap tickets. All the low cost airlines, there are nearly 80 of them, are indexed on In Europe, low cost airlines now serve hundreds of destinations for as little as £30 return. But you can also find low cost flights to places as far away as North American and Asia! Make sure you stay up-to-date on new destinations, routes and offers from these airlines. You'll also find flights offered by regular and charter airlines when you search on
Most visited cities in Europe:


Ryanair, direct
30/01/18 - 06/02/18
London Tenerife (return trip)
£44 Verify


Vueling, direct
11/12/17 - 18/12/17
London Amsterdam (return trip)
£43 Verify


Ryanair, direct
06/12/17 - 13/12/17
London Malaga (return trip)
£31 Verify


Ryanair, direct
18/01/18 - 25/01/18
Manchester Dublin (return trip)
£23 Verify


easyJet, direct
09/01/18 - 16/01/18
London Paris (return trip)
£59 Verify


Ryanair, direct
15/01/18 - 17/01/18
Birmingham Barcelona (return trip)
£32 Verify
Most visited cities in Asia:


Wizz Air, 1 stop
16/01/18 - 23/01/18
London Dubai (return trip)
£246 Verify


Air France, 1 stop
15/09/18 - 22/09/18
London Mumbai (return trip)
£336 Verify


Pegasus Airlines, 1 stop
16/01/18 - 23/01/18
London Dalaman (return trip)
£132 Verify


Air India, 1 stop
17/01/18 - 24/01/18
London Goa (return trip)
£354 Verify
Most visited cities in the Americas:

New York

Brussels Airlines, 1 stop
19/09/18 - 24/09/18
Edinburgh New York (return trip)
£275 Verify


British Airways, 2 stops
16/01/18 - 23/01/18
Manchester Orlando (return trip)
£310 Verify

Tip #2: Search for airline tickets early

The early bird catches the worm... this age-old saying even applies in the fast-paced world of travel! For low cost airlines it's no mystery, book as far in advance as possible (minimum 3 months), if you want to take advantage of the cheapest airline tickets. For long-haul trips, the pros at searching for cheap tickets say to keep a constant eye on prices for at least 6 months before your scheduled departure date by signing up for email fare alerts on Try to find the average fare for each flight route and grab the best price when it comes up.
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Golden rules for finding cheap tickets: tips and tricks!

Tip #3: Avoid the fees

More and more airlines (including the low cost ones) are charging fees for additional services on top of the price of airline tickets. Now you even have to pay to check-in luggage (up to £30 on some low cost airlines). Scheduled airlines are also becoming increasingly restrictive with baggage weight so be careful not to over-pack! Also, avoid all unnecessary fees when you can (including meals on board, priority boarding, payment fees or delivery of a printed boarding pass).

Tip #4: Be flexible with your flight dates

Being flexible is the most important thing when searching for airline tickets. It's easier to find the best price by searching +/- 3 days of your original travel dates. For example, if you take two weeks off from Saturday to Saturday then try to compare ticket prices between Sunday and Monday to find the best deals. The more flexible you are, the better your chances are of finding the lowest fares.

Tip #5: Get connected to the world of travel online!

Finding cheap tickets takes more than luck and a little effort. By using tools like Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and blogs, you will be in-the-know about the latest deals on the web and hear about promotions sooner than the rest. Watch out for contests to win free flights and airline promotion codes as well. Finally, one last trick: sign-up for loyalty rewards programs online to win free flights and accumulate miles to use towards future trips.