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outbound: 17-Sep-2016
1 stop (36h30m)
Air France
return: 24-Sep-2016
1 stop (29h15m)
Air France
outbound: 03-Dec-2016
1 stop (18h25m)
Turkish Airlines
return: 10-Dec-2016
1 stop (20h50m)
Turkish Airlines
outbound: 14-Nov-2016
1 stop (17h25m)
Air China
return: 24-Nov-2016
1 stop (33h40m)
Air China
outbound: 01-Dec-2016
1 stop (15h15m)
Air France
return: 08-Dec-2016
1 stop (17h55m)
outbound: 31-May-2016
1 stop (19h05m)
return: 07-Jun-2016
1 stop (27h30m)
outbound: 25-Aug-2016
1 stop (13h45m)
All Nippon Airways
return: 01-Sep-2016
1 stop (36h20m)
outbound: 10-Jun-2016
1 stop (18h10m)
Turkish Airlines
return: 16-Jun-2016
1 stop (19h20m)
Turkish Airlines
outbound: 27-Aug-2016
1 stop (20h05m)
Etihad Airways
return: 09-Sep-2016
1 stop (26h15m)
Etihad Airways
outbound: 26-Sep-2016
1 stop (35h20m)
return: 17-Oct-2016
1 stop (16h20m)
Air France
outbound: 08-Aug-2016
1 stop (14h50m)
Austrian Airlines
return: 29-Aug-2016
1 stop (15h45m)
outbound: 20-Mar-2017
1 stop (15h25m)
return: 03-Apr-2017
1 stop (15h05m)
outbound: 24-Oct-2016
1 stop (15h45m)
return: 30-Oct-2016
1 stop (30h15m)
outbound: 02-Oct-2016
1 stop (18h15m)
Qatar Airways
return: 14-Oct-2016
1 stop (21h50m)
Qatar Airways
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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Japan, tourism and travel info

Flights to Japan: practical information

Cheap airlines to Japan

Whether you're visiting Japan for work or pleasure, using to find the cheapest flights to Japan will save you time and money. The land of the rising sun, as they say, awaits. It is quite a trek to get there but it's worth it. Find flights to Japan with Asiana Airlines, Etihad Airways, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways and others from London, Manchester and other UK departure cities.

When to book flights to Japan

To find the cheapest flights to Japan, plan your trip during the low season when flights and hotels are on the cheaper side. Flights with one stopover also tend to be cheap than direct flights. Most travellers head to Japan during spring to experience the famous cherry blossom festival. Autumn is also popular.

  • Peak season: Spring during Sakura Festival.
  • Low season: Summer and winter.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Japan take at least 12 hours. Flights with one stopover can take 13 hours and upwards to 30.

Experience Japan: what to see, what to do

The Asian island of Japan impresses with its ancient sights and cultural traditions. Geishas, tea ceremonies, cutting edge art and design, pagodas next to modern skyscrapers… this country will impress you, we promise.

Essentials in Japan

Tokyo: This sprawling metropolis is a whole other creature than the cities we're used to navigating in Europe. Don't look for an old town, because you won't find one. But you'll still find hints of the past. Tokyo's temples and shrines live in quaint and manicured gardens, traditional shops and restaurants that continue on in the same way from generation to generation. The Sensoji Temple and the Imperial Palace are noteworthy stops while on holidays in Japan.

Kyoto: For more traditional Japanese, Kyoto is an excellent choice. As the ancient capital, Kyoto is widely considered the culture heart of the country and is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples and zen gardens. Kyoto is easily reached from Tokyo with a car hire Japan.

Mount Fuji: Fuji-san is the highest mountain in Japan and attracts a fair number of visitors to its peak. This 3, 776 metre mount however is not fit for amateur climbers. Both altitude and climate can do you over. The best months for climbing are July and August and watching the sun rise from the top is something spectacular.

Find more information on JNTO.

Accommodations in Japan

Japan offers something totally different in terms of accommodation. You'll find the usually backpackers hostels and hotels in Japan suited for business travellers but you can also stay at uniquely Japanese hotels as well. The ryokan for example is a traditional inn, the capsule hotels are more practical and functional than cosy and comfortable or you and your sweetheart can book a room in a love hotel.

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