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San Sebastian: city beaches, culture and food

San Sebastian city centre
San Sebastián Airport (EAS): 10 mi from city centre

Flights to San Sebastian: practical information

Cheap airlines to San Sebastian

Planning a trip to this Basque gem? San Sebastian has its own airport but it is generally cheaper to book flights to nearby airports like Bilbao, Biarritz or Vitoria-Gasteiz and travel with a car hire to San Sebastian.

When to book flights to San Sebastian

Summer is when San Sebastian heats up. It has one of the best inner city beaches in all of Europe which is the place to be in summer when the sun is out and the days are long and hot. Book your flights to San Sebastian at least three months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer is by far the best time to plan a holiday in San Sebastian.
  • Low season: Winter is mild and sees very few tourists.

Flight duration

Flights to San Sebastian take 2 hours from London.

Experience San Sebastian: what to see, what to do

San Sebastian is a gem of a city with plenty of Michelin-star restaurants, placing it on every foodie's travel map, amazing city beaches, art and historic buildings dotting the historic town. This is also a surfer's paradise.

Essentials in San Sebastian

Monte Igueldo: The hill located on the western side of La Concha bay offers the best views of the city. Either take the funicular to the top or walk up. Don't forget your camera to capture the sights of the harbour, coast and town below.

Beaches: There are two main beaches in central San Sebastian: La Concha is the larger and protected by the sea for great swimming and Ondarreta which is split by El Pico del Loro, a rocky outcropping. Both beaches have WC, showers and changing rooms.

Hiking: San Sebastian offers plenty as a city break and plenty for the outdoorsy types too. For a short hike, head up to the statue of Christ on top of the mountain between the beaches. It's about an hour's climb. For longer hikes, head up from Zurriola and follow the trail markings to Pasaia/San Pedro.

Find more information on San Sebastian Tourism.

Accommodation in San Sebastian

San Sebastian has plenty of hotels to choose from. Hostels will satisfy any travelling student or backpacker. For something in the mid-range look for a centrally-location pension. Rooms with views are much more expensive, but that goes without saying.

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