Fast Forward: Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia in 2026

Barcelona’s legendary basilica designed by architect Antoni Gaudi has been under construction since 1882. Work is slow but steady on the basilica these days and when it’s completed in 2026 the masterpiece will look like this…


World’s most useless skyscrapers

An international NGO has recently handed out some peculiar awards for the most useless skyscrapers in the world. This year’s Laureate is a building in Dubai: the Burj Khalifa. Find out what other buildings made it onto this list of […]


Architecture meets tech in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is revamping some of its traditional mosaics to bring them up to date with the twenty-first century. The city is installing QR codes so that tourists can get up-to-date information from the city’s black and white mosaic […]

Ontario College of Art and Design

World’s coolest design cities

What attracts twenty-first century travellers more? Age-old Renaissance splendour or cutting-edge design fit for the future? There’s a place for both, no doubt, but right now it’s all about the design age and these cities are at the forefront of […]