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Cook Islands: "Kia Orana!"

Flights to the Cook Islands: practical information

Cheap airlines to the Cook Islands

Planning your dream holiday in the Cook Islands? We can’t blame you, these Polynesian islands are paradise! Start with cheap flights to the Cook Islands’ main airport: Rarotonga International Airport (RAR). Air New Zealand will take you there from Auckland and Virgin Australia from Sydney.

When to book flights to the Cook Islands

Winter is the best time to visit the Cook Islands, from April to November. The most rain falls in summer, and there’s always the chance of cyclones so best avoid spending Christmas in the Cook Islands. Book your flights to the Cook Islands at least 6-7 months in advance.

  • Peak season: April-November, winter.
  • Low season: December to March, summer.

Flight duration

Flights to the Cook Islands can take around 34 hours due to multiple stopovers from London.

Experience the Cook Islands: what to see, what to do

The Cook Islands consist of 15 different islands in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. There are fabulous tourism facilities in Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Most visitors will base themselves in either of these places and then explore the other islands from there.

Essentials in the Cook Islands

Scuba diving: Diving around the coral reef in Raro is something stunning. The warm tropical waters means that you’ll only need a 3mm wetsuit for most dives. In August you run a good chance of diving with the whales passing my on their migratory route.

Tramping: If you’re up for a little exploring, tramping is for you! Each island has inland walking trail that take you past waterfalls, up volcanoes and even by streams where you can freshwater swim. A local guide is a good investment.

One-Foot Island: Send a postcard from one of the most remote post boxes in the world on One-Foot Island. The white sand beach and blue lagoon here are amazing. This place is located on Aitutaki Island and is a must!

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Accommodation in the Cook Islands

Most tourist hotels and resorts in the Cook Islands are located either on Aitutaki Island or Rarotonga Island, where the airport is. The outer islands tend to switch off the entire electricity system at night, so make sure you pack a torch with spare batteries!

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