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Royal Air Marocoutbound: 14-Nov-2021
1 stop (7h45m)
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Marocreturn: 20-Nov-2021
1 stop (7h50m)
Royal Air Maroc
Emiratesoutbound: 18-Oct-2021
1 stop (27h05m)
Emiratesreturn: 12-Nov-2021
1 stop (23h20m)
Air Franceoutbound: 04-Oct-2021
1 stop (11h20m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: 10-Oct-2021
1 stop (9h15m)
Air France
Vuelingoutbound: 05-Oct-2021
direct (5h15m)
Vuelingreturn: 26-Oct-2021
direct (4h50m)
KLMoutbound: 15-Sep-2021
2 stops (21h45m)
Air Francereturn: 31-Oct-2021
1 stop (21h35m)
Air France
Air Franceoutbound: 02-Sep-2021
1 stop (15h10m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: 16-Sep-2021
1 stop (7h55m)
Air France
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 19-Aug-2021
1 stop (18h45m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 27-Aug-2021
1 stop (8h15m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 04-Sep-2021
1 stop (17h25m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 22-Oct-2021
1 stop (19h30m)
TAP Air Portugal
Turkish Airlinesoutbound: 18-Dec-2021
1 stop (30h20m)
Turkish Airlines
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 10-Jan-2022
1 stop (8h35m)
TAP Air Portugal
Emiratesoutbound: 30-Sep-2021
1 stop (27h05m)
Emiratesreturn: 07-Oct-2021
1 stop (41h30m)
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Dakar guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Dakar city centre
2 mi
28 mi

How to find a cheap flights to Dakar

Several departure cities from the UK make it possible to reach Dakar to enjoy all the city has to offer. Start packing, you’re heading to Senegal with cheap flights to Dakar you’ve found on You’ll want to leave room in the luggage for a few souvenirs but make sure to pack weather-appropriate clothing to enjoy some of the wonderful things to do while in the city of Dakar. From London, grab cheap flights with Royal Air Maroc, TAP Air Portugal and Afriqiyah Airways. Dakar's airport is the main transport hub in Western Africa.

Hospitality, resistance and non-stop music

Senegalese are proud of their reputation for being so hospitable. They welcome visitors with open arms and are extremely helpful and friendly in the streets. That being said, there are plenty of scams against tourists. So enjoy their helpful service, but watch out for the "overly" nice. One of the most important sights to visit in Dakar is the African Renaissance Monument, it's a huge monument dedicated to emergence of Africa from the tight and oppressive grip of European regimes. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty... definitely a sight to behold. You can be sure that when you find cheap flights to Dakar, you are also booking yourself a history lesson.

Dakar has a really lively music scene, one that the locals and foreigners alike appreciate. Global music is king here. once the sun sets the music starts and no matter what time of the night, there are crowds outside every night club. It's one of the most vibrant cities for music in all of Africa. Music is part of everyday life. Pick your choice between hip-hop, salsa, reggae, jazz... it's all here. In Dakar, you may want to enjoy some of the best attractions the city has to offer. Set your mind free and experience Sabar drumming classes, motor scooter tours along the biking trails, historic Goree Island, IFAN Museum (African Arts) and Sandaga which is the city’s street market.

Practical information

Bus, regular coach and metered taxi service is available from the airport to the city centre, just 17 kilometres away. There are also great rental car options from the airport, recommended if you plan any side-trips outside of the city. Be aware when you book flights to Dakar that crime against tourists is common, even around Place de L'Independance. Use your common sense. Women should not walk alone after dark and you should always watch your pockets! Beaches are off-limits at night, do not go anywhere near them after dark. These travel warnings aren't to scare you off from booking flights to Dakar, as many travellers to Senegal have a hitch-free trip and enjoy the country's hospitality and vibrant city-life.

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