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Dortmund: football, markets and roses

Dortmund city centre
Dortmund Airport (DTM): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Dortmund: practical information

Cheap airlines to Dortmund

Planning a trip to Germany's North Rhine region? Search for cheap flights to Dortmund Airport (DTM) onboard a low cost airline. easyJet, Wizzair and air berlin all offer flights to Dortmund from around Europe. From London, easyJet is the cheapest airline to go with.

When to book flights to Dortmund

Summer is a great time of the year to plan a holiday in Dortmund and also the most popular. Christmas is also peak season due to the city's Christmas Market. Be sure to book your flights to Dortmund at least three months before you travel for the best fares.

  • Peak season: Summer and the Christmas season.
  • Low season: Winter, except December.

Flight duration

Direct flights take 1 hour 20 minutes from London.

Experience Dortmund: what to see, what to do

Dortmund is known for two things: its Christmas market which is the largest in Germany and Borussia Dortmund, the city's football team. Apart from that, the city has a long-standing tradition for live music and theatre, which are not to be missed!

Essentials in Dortmund

Rosarium: Dortmund's Rosarium is a must for anyone that appreciates the sweet scent of a rose. Located in Wastfalenpark, this rosarium is home to more than three thousand species of roses.

Hohensyburg: If you hire a car in Dortmund, make the trip to Hohensyburg just to the south. The ruins of the Syburg Vincke-Tower date back 1,100 years and offer a beautiful view of the Ruhr Valley.

Christmas Market: In winter, Dortmund is extremely popular for its Christmas Market; it's one of the largest in Germany! The central tree is also one of the biggest in the world. The market opens in late November and is open until just after New Year's.

Find more information on Dortmund Tourism.

Accommodations in Dortmund

Hotels in Dortmund are plenty and you'll find it's easy to find a room, even at the last minute, year-round. There is only one exception and that's in winter, particularly December when visitors from all over Germany flock to the Ruhr Valley to visit the Christmas Market. Book your hotels in Dortmund as early as possible.

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