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Katie has always been an explorer, whether it was canoeing through lakes, rivers and hiking through forests in her native Canada or exploring Europe, one art gallery at a time. Her first experience living abroad was as a teenager in Madrid and it’s safe to say that Spain captured her heart. She later returned to Spain to study art for a year before moving to Budapest and joining Team Liligo in 2009. Katie is currently based in London and has a passion for cycling, art and finding the best flat white in the British capital. Favourite destinations: Mexico’s small colonial towns, Siberia and Copenhagen.


Spontaneity has always been one of Yasmin’s strengths and moving country to join the liligo team is just the latest in this Brit’s adventure. After spending some time in Budapest last year, the city stole her heart and brought her back. You’ll now find Yasmin strolling along the Danube during the day and checking out Budapest’s best ruin bars on the night.
Yasmin loves seeking out new experiences in European cities and will often venture down the unbeaten track to experience some authentic local culture. She is at her happiest when she’s engrossed in unique storytelling – whether that is immersive cinema in London’s beautiful outdoor spaces, indoor theatre productions in New York, or simply reading a good book in Barcelona’s coffee shops. It’s her desire to experience unique productions that inspires her travel destinations.


Ever since moving to the US as a child from his native Germany, Felix has been drawn to the unknown. He lived in South Africa as an high school exchange student and has spent the past years studying and working in London, Brno, Prague and Budapest. He returned to Budapest after a year-long absence to join liligo in 2017. Among his favourite things about living abroad is learning languages (though Hungarian is proving a hard nut to crack). His top destinations include cities like New York and Sarajevo, and anything in Eastern Europe. He enjoys taking his little daughter exploring in Budapest and planning grand cycling tours.

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