Santorini ocean view

The Most Beautiful Islands In Greece

Greece is home to some stunning islands, with history, culture and relaxing beaches aplenty. Whatever your travel taste, there’s an island for you: to help you pick which one to visit, we’ve run through some of the most beautiful Greek islands out there.

Beach holidays don't have to be lazy

Beach holidays don’t have to be lazy

When it comes to beach holidays it’s easy to let the week slip past without doing much but walking from your hotel room to the beach and back again. Getting active will help rejuvenate your body and get you home looking rested and a bit fitter.


Where to get more bang for your buck this summer

Travellers are always looking where to find the best deals for their money and this summer, holidaymakers will be pleasantly surprised when they hit up Egypt, Turkey and Greece. Resort prices are down… tourism is up!

European culture jaunts in November

European culture jaunts in November

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the swings and woes of the holiday season just yet. It’s easy to do since department stores find it completely acceptable to turn on the holiday soundtrack by mid-November. But letting yourself getaway […]

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Britain lifts Sri Lanka travel ban

For the first time in 30 years the UK has lifted its travel ban for the northern regions of Sri Lanka after the British High Commission completed a security assessment. The original threats to British tourists were unexploded mines and […]