Santorini ocean view

The Most Beautiful Islands In Greece

Greece is home to some stunning islands, with history, culture and relaxing beaches aplenty. Whatever your travel taste, there’s an island for you: to help you pick which one to visit, we’ve run through some of the most beautiful Greek islands out there.

Galapagos Sea Lions

Galapagos: compliments of Google StreetView

Want to get a closer look at the Galapagos Islands but don’t have the cash or time to travel there? Don’t worry, Google StreetView has your back. While it’s not entirely the same thing, you can now explore the island […]


Jump-start summer with flights to Crete

The weather spells in the UK are more than a little depressing. When is the sun going to finally show its face? If you are ready to jump-start summer you’ll have to go where the sun shines and Crete is […]


At the end of the world: North Sentinel

There are few untouched places in the world today but the island of North Sentinel is one of them. It’s one of the last corners of the globe that hasn’t been touched by Western culture. Heading over to the archipelago […]


Unchartered territory: China’s Paracel Islands

Rumours are circulating and it appears as if China is actually considering the possibility of opening up the Paracel Islands to tourism next month, a move that won’t go unnoticed by China’s territorial neighbours. 


Armchair travel: best books of maps

Book worm are you? Or maybe you just can’t get up and travel right now. If that’s the case, these books of incredible maps with satisfy your wanderlust and you won’t even have to leave the sofa. Explore unknown islands, […]

Cambodia sunset

Cambodia island-hopping

We’re heading to the islands of Cambodia, where the living is easy, the waters are calm and the beaches are white.

Orsos Islands

Holiday on a luxe floating island

If you’ve got a couple million laying around then we’ve got an idea for you: your very own luxury island that you can move wherever you like in the world!