How to be a well-behaved Brit abroad

Etiquette and politeness are top priorities among the British public but what goes in Britain doesn’t always go abroad. In fact, it can cause total offence! Don’t want to be caught breaking cultural code abroad? Just follow this advice…


Britons love the Balearics… and Mexico

Where do Brits love to holiday? The results are in and it looks like British travellers still have a soft spot in their hearts for the Balearic Islands for trips close to home and Mexico for a long-haul holiday.


UNESCO: the newest sights on the World Heritage list

UNESCO recently met in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia, the board’s 37th committee meeting. This year 19 new World Heritage sites were added to the list: 5 natural sites and 14 cultural sites. Let’s see which destinations made […]


Stone cold: world’s most famous statues

Tourists invest a lot of time photographing pieces of stone and cast bronze. Statues occupy the space in the middle of a grand plaza or square, porticoes in museums; they mark locations where important events took place. Some are grand, […]

Grand Velas Nuevo Vallarta. Nayarit. Mexico.

5 super cheap destinations according for Forbes

It’s not enough for American business magazine Forbes to write about business analysis, stocks and tech but it’s also dabbling in tourism as well. As far as best value for your money, Forbes has their own line-up of star destinations. […]


#fridayfinds: hot springs

Can you think of any better way to spend a holiday than soaking in the lush warm waters of a thermal spring? We can’t. From Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon to a colonial Mexican town and on to one of Japanese […]