The craziest hotels in the world (part 2)

Here we go for another round of the craziest hotel accommodations in the world. Among the clouds, underwater, inside a magic mountain, on the move… that’s just the beginning of what kind of hotels you can find here, there and […]

Crazy hotels around the world

The craziest hotels in the world (part 1)

There is nothing like waking up in the morning in your hotel room, slipping on your robe and a pair of complementary slippers and heading to the window to take in the view… Sleeping in a high rise hotel does […]

Aeroplane crashes after crocodile escapes

Aeroplane crashes after crocodile escapes

Nothing seems too strange these days, including huge reptiles pulling Houdini stunts! Reports unfold now that a small passenger aeroplane crashed after a crocodile escaped a passenger’s carry-on luggage, killing a British pilot and 19 others.

Think sleeping in a treehouse or an ice house is a crazy idea? Some people live for these kinds of experiences! Here are some of the craziest hotels around the world.