Top 5 races worth running

Love to run and want to take your training to a whole new level? Running tourism is booming and these races will certainly inspire your next holiday… from Tuscany to Bondi!


Tamas: our travelling programmer

Tamas is one of our programmers at Liligo HQ and with stamps from Australia and Thailand in his passport, it’s pretty safe to say he loves to travel too. We caught up with him about some of his favourite trips in Europe and abroad.


VIDEO – Australia by remote control

Australia is a country that touches all 5 senses and to get your senses started we’ve found two videos that will no doubt make you yearn for a trip Down Under. The first comes from Australia’s tourism board and the second from Melbourne where you can discover the city through a “remote control tourist.”


Surf adventure: what to pack

Surfing is a highlight once summer arrives. Whether you rent a board in Cornwall or go a bit further to Bondi Beach in Sydney, there are some things every surfer should take on holiday. Planning to hit the waves and […]


How to: experience Sydney for FREE

Sydney has it all: urban cityscape, mountains and rugged wilderness not far off, world-class beaches and more. There’s adventure to be had but Sydney’s chic enough if you want to take a day off from it all too. Sydney doesn’t […]

Naked at the museum

Naked Art in Sydney

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney gets naked with the newest exhibition by Stuart Ringholt. Visitors are asked to strip down if they really want to experience the art the way the artists intended.