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Planning a romantic weekend with your partner or having a fun holiday with your friends? Here, at you can find everything you might need for your holiday in Paris: the best offers for cheap hotel rooms, low cost airline flights and companies to rent a car.

For those interested in culture, Paris is the best place as it has many world famous monuments, theatres and museums. The symbol of the city, the Tour Eiffel celebrates its 120th birthday this year – it was constructed for the 1889 World Exhibition, and has been visited by millions of tourists since then. The best cheap hotels are to be found in the area confined by the Boulevard Périphérique, which includes the most important sights like Notre Dame, Bastille, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, Madeleine Temple, Musée d’Orsay, Jardin des Tuileries and right next to it, Musée de Louvre. Equally famous are the Moulin Rouge cabaret dancehall at Le Lido, and Disneyland Resort Paris – the latter one is visited by 14,5 million people every year.

Though it is a culturally rich city with many famous opera houses like the Opéra Garnier or the Opéra Bastille, many young people chose it as their destination for shorter, less spendthrift holidays. There is always something to celebrate in Paris, so don’t get surprised if you bump into a large crowd of spectators, watching fireworks. Besides the more traditional Fệte de la Musique and the Days of Heritage, they also celebrate the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the break of Ramadan’s Fasting and the Indian Ganesha Festival as well as the Nuit Blanche (when all the museums are open all night long in June) the Paris Plage and the Gay Pride. In the hotel they will certainly help you find the best program – just click on a cheap hotel that you like, reserve the room and get ready! Bon voyage!

Some things to take care of when planning your trip

To have a holiday without setbacks, it helps a lot to take into consideration what simple measurements can be done that would save you many bad shots.
First of all, always check your documents that will be requested at the entrance of your destination country, consult the competent government agency, and even if you do not leave the country, keep in mind that it is obligatory to carry along your identification papers. Moreover, many accommodations request documents at registration. You may also want to rent a car, so you'll have to take your driver's license with you (get informed about the international driving license, too). Do not forget your travel insurance, your health insurance card (we strongly recommend you to take your health card). There are some countries where a visa is required to be allowed to enter the country at all. But do not worry, in most countries you can enter and stay without visas or special permits for some months (usually 90 days).
A good tactic is to photocopy important documents you might need, so in case they get lost or stolen, it will be really useful. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to carry along two extra passport photos.

Thanks to the Schengen agreement, one can freely cross the borders of ‘Schengen countries’, so EU travellers travelling within this area won’t be asked to identify themselves. Even so, you should always carry along identity documents, because police might ask for identity checks, any time. The following countries form part of the Schengen Agreement:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland (non-EU), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway (non-EU), Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland (non-EU).
EU countries that do not belong to this agreement are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, UK and Romania. Citizens outside the EU will need to apply for visas and documents to enter the Schengen area. The maximum length of stay for travellers is 3 months.
Bear in mind that some documents and visas are not that easy to get, one has to wait for them. Therefore it is recommended that you plan the travel and learn about these documents well in advance.

In addition to paperwork, when travelling within or outside the borders of the EU or the Schengen area, don’t forget to be informed of the required or recommended vaccinations in certain countries. If you know exactly the health care situation of the country which you plan to travel to, you can avoid many unpleasant surprises.
Again, please note that some vaccines require more than one dose, sometimes with large temporary spaces between them, so it is advisable to act well in advance. Be cautious with consuming food, especially fruits, and for your security, drink bottled water only.
Also, the maximum weight of your luggage is usually around 20 kilos –depending on the airline-, so it might be a good idea to make a list of most necessary things before packing your suitcase. Your passport (and anything fragile) is best to be guarded in your hand luggage that you bring along into the cabin.
Note that you can’t have scissors (or any kind of cutting or stabbing tools) with you, nor liquids of any kind (water, tee, juices and all types of cosmetics), or at least only a small amount.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that your luggage gets lost. In this case it might be helpful to have some clothes with you in your hand bag, until your luggage is found.

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