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Compare flights! Flight comparison from 250+ travel sites with LILIGO

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Cheap flight tickets to your favourite destinations

South Africa

Price per person all taxes included; found in the last 7 days on liligo.com.

Compare the best flight deals

Best available price per person, including all taxes and surcharges. Price found in the last 30 days on Liligo.com

Tips and tricks for finding the cheapest flights

Book in advance

To bag the cheapest flights, it's best to book your tickets at least 3 months in advance; after that, prices tend to go up the closer to get to your departure date. Book 3 - 5 months in advance for short-haul flights, 5 - 6 months for medium-haul flights and 8 months for long-haul flights.

Combine low cost flights

Low cost airlines generally offer the cheapest prices, and liligo.com includes as many as possible whenever you search. To get the best price for your trip, it can be cheaper to combine two different low cost airlines for a return trip. For example, you could save 70% on a return trip to Rome by flying with Ryanair one way and easyJet the other.

Keep your dates flexible

By searching with the +/- 3 days option, you'll have tons more flights to choose from. Unsurprisingly, the cheapest flights can be found outside the school holidays and by avoiding weekends. Take off mid-week and avoid returning home on a Sunday if possible. Return flights from London - Paris could be 50% cheaper on trips made Monday to Thursday.

Stay up to date with flight prices

Find it hard to keep track of constantly changing flight prices? It's easy to keep on top of it all by creating fare alerts on liligo.com! This is the best way to stay up-to-date with changing flight fares and know when the best time to book really is. Set your preferences to receive alerts daily, weekly or only when the price changes.

Use mobile apps on the go

Plan your next holiday no matter where you are, straight from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Download the liligo.com app for iOS or Android to find the best flight, bus and train deals.

Ready to book? Switch computers

This is a great tip for those who prefer to do their searches directly on airline websites! Certain flight prices go up while you're searching, to entice travellers to buy more quickly. Avoid this by doing all your searching on one computer and all your booking on another. Alternatively, be sure of getting the best price by using a comparison website like liligo.com,

What liligo.com can do for you

Find the cheapest flight among hundreds of sites

Find the cheapest flight tickets in just seconds using liligo.com's powerful search engine. Hundreds of travel sites, airlines, including 70 low cost and all the charters, all in one place.

Organise your trip in minutes

Organise your holiday from start to finish on liligo.com: from booking your flight, bus or train tickets to locating the perfect hotel and even finding a rental car for ultimate freedom while abroad. Find travel deals to the best destinations around the world.

Use our useful (and free) travel tools

Have a budget but no destination in mind? Play around with our deal map, a useful tool that shows you the best flights according to your travel preferences (departure airport, max. price, local temperature, etc.). Not enough time to make dozens of searches? Set up a fare alert to easily follow changing flight prices from your inbox. Need inspiration to decide when and where to go on holiday? liligo.com has selected 6 trending destinations per month for the entire year.

liligo.com is completely free and transparent

liligo.com is not a travel agency and does not sell anything. We redirect you to the supplier with the best offer. Faithful to being the search engine for travellers, liligo.com is totally free and transparent. Flight search results give you access to all the low cost and charter flights and display prices with all taxes included (even payment fees!).