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Bastia guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Bastia city centre
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How to find cheap flights to Bastia

The city of Bastia welcomes you to it’s beautiful beaches, festivals, religious feasts and more. This small but trendy city is a great summertime destination but also a popular one. Finding cheap flights to Bastia isn't impossible but if you plan to travel during peak hours, make sure you search well in advance. Use tools on to compare prices or set yourself an e-mail fare alert so you know exactly when it's the cheapest time to travel. Cheap flights are available to Bastia Poretta Airport which is only 20km south of the centre of the city. Make connections to many other areas such as Morocco, Luxembourg and Italy from here. Find flights to Bastia for as little as £70 with EasyJet! Flying low cost always pays off, just don't get caught racking up those additional service fees.

History, architecture and the Vieux Port

The city of Bastia is nestled on the shore of Corsica and was founded in 1378. Its charming old port and colourful houses will no doubt remind you of Marseilles. Once the summer hits the streets come alive. If enjoying the charms of Corsica without the huge tourist crowds is your thing, then consider fitting Bastia into your summer holiday planning. Today, it is a coastal baroque town that can make your next holiday vacation a time to remember. With great architecture, leisure, lodging and more all at your fingertips, you can plan the perfect vacation to Bastia with cheap flights as well as great deals on hotels overlooking the Mediterranean.

Some of the best places to visit in Bastia include Le village de Cardo, Le Palais de justice, Le Jardin Romieu, Bibliotheque Municipale and the Chemin de Monserato. The city's 15th century architecture is stunning, including its Citadelle, even though it's in desperate need of repairs. Whether you decide to spend a day at the beach, take in a film at the local cinema or party the night away at the clubs, Bastia is the place to be. There are also nature trails, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and more.

Practical information

From Bastia Airport there is a bus connection that leaves almost every hour. For a timetable, check the tourist desk at the airport. Bastia is a great place to anchor and take-off from for day trips to other parts of the island. By ferry, you can reach Ajaccio and by bus, or if you decide to hire a car in Bastia, you can visit Calvi as well as most other major Corsican cities. Summer, winter, spring and fall, whatever season you decide to visit Bastia in you can always count on the hospitality of the locals and being able to find great deals on cheap flights on

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