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Look Voyages (LOO)

Look Voyages is a French tour operator with the mission to offer quality travel at low prices. The company is also active in the airline domain by offering charter flights to many tourist destinations in Europe and the rest of the world. This company mainly charters flights with Air Mediterranean, Transavia, and XL Airways. Look Voyages organizes trips at low prices that are accessible to all types of travellers.

Identity Card

  • Number of serviced cities: 87 destinations
  • Main hub: 12 rue Truillot, Ivry sur Seine F-94200

History of Look Voyages

Founded in 1989, Look Voyages has quickly become one of France’s most dynamic travel organizers. The company name has become known nationally and internationally in a short period of time, partly thanks to its Monkey mascot. The company offers first and foremost travel packages to destinations like Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Egypt. This travel company is directly affiliated with the Canadian travel group Transat A.T.

Travel with Look Voyages: practical information

  • Onboard services

    • Meals: These are subject to change and vary depending on the airline for each passenger’s destination.
    • Entertainment: In-flight services, such as entertainment systems and magazines differ from airline to airline. Its always best to bring a book!
  • Baggage Allowances

    • Checked: All of the baggage allowances for flights organized with Look Voyages correspond to the airline carriers for specific flights and destinations. It is always good to confirm at the time of booking what the exact baggage limitations are to be not charged with excess baggage fees. Flights destined to Egypt 15 kg is permitted, 15 kg for Morocco, 20 kg for Mexico, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.
    • Excess: All excess baggage is subject to a fee upon check-in at the airport.

Discounts and Special Offers

Look Voyages offers many last-minute discounts and season specials to tropical destinations. Check with liligo.com for the latest.


Website: www.look-voyages.fr
Telephone: +33 (0) 1 45 15 31 70