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Aeroflot (SU)

Aeroflot is Russia's national airline and also it’s most important. Aeroflot connects to 93 cities in 47 countries (more than 300 flights daily). Aeroflot represents 51% of the Russian market for international flights. It’s founding in 1923 makes it one of the oldest airlines in the world. At one point during its history it was the largest airline in the world.

Identity Card

  • IATA code: SU
  • Number of serviced cities: 93 destinations
  • Main hub: Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)
  • Alliance: SkyTeam
  • Fleet: 118 aircraft
  • Loyalty rewards program: Aeroflot Bonus

History of Aeroflot

The first air transportation in Russian took place in the early 1920s with the joint help of Germany. The airline operated under the name Dobrolyot with flights towards the west and to several domestic destinations as early as 1923. In the 1930s Aeroflot was the largest airline in the world. Their large fleet was used during the war-times to transport cargo, supplies, ammunition, and personnel. Aeroflot entered into the jet era almost twenty years before most other airlines. In 1956 the airline added flight from Moscow to Irkutsk and Prague with their new jet technologies.

In the 1960s Aeroflot continued to expand and the USSR opened two new airports, Moscow City Airport and Sheremetyevo International Airport. On New Years Eve in 1968, Aeroflot made its first flight with passengers on a supersonic airliner. New routes opened up internationally and regular flights began between Moscow to Amsterdam to New York, Moscow to Paris to Montreal to New York and Moscow to Leningrad to Amsterdam to New York. In 1973 Aeroflot began servicing the longest routes in the world, Moscow to Rabat to Havana to Lima to Santiago. In 1980 Aeroflot was the official airline for the Olympic Games. During the year of 1996 the airline flew to 94 different countries.

In the 2000s Aeroflot started the new millennium with a new brand, a new image. Their aircrafts were repainted with the design and flight attendants were outfitted in new uniforms. The airline never did give up their original logo of the Soviet hammer and sickle. Aeroflot joined the SkyTeam alliance in 2006, the first airline from a former Soviet country.

Travel with Aeroflot: practical information

  • Onboard services

    • Meals: Depending on the time of departure, passengers are served either a cold or hot breakfast, dinner or hot hors d’oevres. There are also refreshments available and alcoholic drinks for purchase.
    • Entertainment: Depending on the aircraft the entertainment systems vary. On the Boeing 767 films are screened on large screens at the front of the cabins. On Aeroflot’s A330 there are individual entertainment systems for each passenger.
  • Baggage Allowances

    • Cabin: 1 piece with a maximum weight of 10 kg. Plus a purse, notebook, umbrella, coat, blanket, etc.
    • Checked: Adults and children aged 2 and up can check 20 kg of luggage. For flights to the USA and Canada two pieces are permitted, each with a maximum weight of 23 kg.
    • Excess: For flights between Moscow and the UK each excess kilo is charged €15. For flights between Moscow and Denmark, Germany, Greece, Sweden and Hungary each excess kilo is charged €10.

Discounts and Special Offers

Infants are eligible for a 90% discount on their ticket if they travel on the lap of their accompanying adult. For domestic flights, infants travel for free. Children ages 2-12 that travel accompanied by an adult are eligible for a 50% discount. All of Aeroflot’s other special offers are listed on


E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 20 73 55 22 33

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