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Cuba is one of the most interesting places in the Caribbean to visit, just 150km from Key West in Florida. There are three main parts of Cuba, eastern, central and western but most tourists visiting the island will stay in and around the area of Havana and the coasts. Getting around Cuba is easiest with a car hire, so why not pick one up at the airport as soon as you arrive? While some rural roads may not be so easy to drive on, if you want to see Cuba, car is the best way to do it.

There are car hire companies at the airport in Havana as well as in major city centres. You'll find the usual international brands which have mostly Asian and European import cars for rent. Always, always, always compare the car hire prices before you commit to one company. Also, make sure you read all the fine print, especially in terms of whether you should bring the car back with a full tank or not.

Driving in Cuba: parking and other tips

Driving in Cuba is fairly easy once you're outside the business of Havana. Some roads are so light in traffic that you won't see another car for miles. The roads are in fairly decent condition but you should always be cautious. On some highways, you'll find cyclists, horse-drawn carriages and local merchants with their food carts on the side of the roads. Slow down as you pass to avoid an accident. Also, it is the law to stop before crossing the rail road tracks. It's a good idea to slow down completely to avoid blowing the suspension on your Cuba car hire too.

As for city driving, traffic lights are placed at the far corner of the crossing, beyond where you are supposed to stop. Be aware of that when driving in city centres so that you don't end up in the middle of the intersection on a red light!

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Baracoa was the first capital of Cuba and today is a quaint beach-side town that is a favourite for many visitors on holidays in Cuba. Built between two beautiful bays, Baracoa is one of the oldest colonial settlements on the island. Originally built as a fortress, today you can still visit the Seboruco Castle, Punta Fort and the Matachín Fort. For history and some quality beach time, Baracoa is the place to be.


Havana, the new capital of Cuba, is the heart of this country. It's one of the largest cities in the Caribbean. This city has seen countless wars and revolutions which have all left their mark on her streets and on her people's faces. Today Havana is the centre for great nightlife, with endless bars, restaurants and dancing clubs lining the streets.

Pinar del Rio

There is really only one reason to visit Pinar del Rio, to smoke a really good cigar. This is the centre for Cuba's cigar industry, one that has made this country famous around the world. Besides that however, the region has some incredible nature and landscapes, perfect for hiking and trekking. Caves, rivers, cliffs… not to mention the chance to dive in crystal clear blue waters. There is nothing like Pinar del Rio.

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