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What you should know before hiring a car in Reus

Reus city centre
Reus Airport (REU): 3 mi from city centre

Car hires in Reus: practical information

Where to rent a car in Reus

Are you ready for a Spanish adventure? The north of Spain in particular has its own cultural identity and its own history to prove it. Book your tickets from London to Reus and you're on you way to discovering a part of Spain not typically mentioned in the guide books. The region around Reus is incredible and the best way to tour around is with cheap car rentals from Reus. Start your search for a car hire in Reus at the airport. Choose from AurigaCrown, Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sol-mar, all located in the arrivals terminal.

You can also find a car hire Reus city. Car Hire Reus and Alquiler Conrado are two good options, both located in the city centre. As with anything travel related, search and compare car hires in Reus early so that you get the best deals. Last minute offers aren't always the cheapest, despite rumors.

Driving in Reus: parking and other tips

Reus isn't a big city and most tourists heading to this part of Spain are interesting in one thing only: the coast. There are a ton of resorts there, all with their own parking facilities. If you're heading to the beaches, you'll have no problem finding parking for your discount car hire in Reus. In the city, you're better off to book hotels in Reus that offer parking as an amenity. That way, you don't have to worry about street parking or paying for the use of car parks while on holidays in Reus.

Road trips from Reus: what to do, what to see



Tarragona is right beside Reus and is much bigger. It's a great spot for shopping and dining at some seaside restaurants. Stop by the Roman colosseum (a protected UNESCO World Heritage sight) before hitting the beach. Tarragona is a large shipping port so it's worth driving a ways away from the city to go swimming. The best beaches are located to the north of Tarragona.



Barcelona deserves a whole trip for itself but so if you have a spare couple of days, spend them in the capital of Catalonia. The sights are endless but make sure you get a close look at Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia and stop in a few of the city's great museums. Just a side trip alone will make it worth booking flights to Reus.



Zaragoza is more inland but, like Barcelona, it is an iconic stop on any Spanish holiday trail. Home to a stunning university, Zaragoza is steeped in history (more than 2,000 years of it), great museums and monumental plazas.Make sure you stop at the Zaragoza Museum, free to enter, for it's incredible collection of Goya paintings.

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The best hotels in Reus

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