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What you should know before hiring a car in Rome

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Car hires in Rome: practical information

Where to rent a car in Rome

Rome, being the capital, has a myriad of car rental options. Watch out though, because not all of them offer the same deals or the same prices. It's wiser to stick with popular car hire companies in Rome rather than with local ones. Frankly, their rates are always cheaper. Inside the city, head to Via Aurelia where you'll find a dozen or so options, each offering a large selection of car type, size and extras. You can also head to Via Scribonio Curione as well. Although there is less choice, the prices are usually cheaper.

There are two airports in Rome, both of which offer rental cars. Fiumicino is the main one, located 30km west of the city centre. Once you arrive at the airport and head to the Arrivals Terminal you'll find a wide selection of car rental companies. Choose from Auto Europa, Avis, Budget, Easycar, Europcar, Hertz, Italy by car, Locauto Rent, Maggiore and Sixt. At Ciampino Airport there is still quite a lot of selection, although not as much as at Fiumicino. Choose your rental car in Rome from Auto Europa, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Locauto Rent, Maggiore and Sixt.

Driving in Rome: parking and other tips

Let's get to the point about parking in the city centre of Rome: it's impossible. The city is congested beyond belief. Now that we got that out of the way, it's highly advisable to park outside the centre and use public transportation to get in and reach the major tourist attractions. It's better to park near a suburban area, much safer as well. It would be ideal however if your hotel in Rome offered parking facilities to its guests.

In terms of parking for cheap in a well-connected part of the city, try Anagnina, on metro line A. You can park here for very little, just €1.50/first 12 hours. Once you hit 16 hours the price rises to €2.50. You pay the meter on your way out. Sometimes you need a special permit to park your car, so called "grattini" which are only available from tobacco shops, newsagents and banks when a parking attendant is not available. These close in the afternoons between 1pm and 3pm.

Road trips from Rome: what to do, what to see

Ostia Antica

Rome to Ostia Antica

About 30km from the city centre is the beautiful Ostia Antica, the first Roman colony as well as one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world. It was once the trading port for the Roman Empire. Visit the ruins and rebuild history in your mind. Head to the Porta Marina, check out the Forum and arcades before seeing the stunning Basilica. A trip to Ostia Antica will no doubt be a highlight during your holidays in Rome.


Rome to Subiaco

Around 60km outside the city you'll run into Subiaco, a city that rises 400m above sea level. It's famous for its natural surroundings and the monasteries hidden within its city walls. The most famous of those is St. Scholastica with its three cloisters, each in a different style. Don't forget Rock Abbey and the Church of San Francisco too!


Rome to Sabina

Within in hours drive from Rome is Sabina, a historical region in the exact geographical centre of Italy. The region starts from about Farfa, a beautiful medieval town with a nice abbey. Next is Toffia, located high up on a hill which is known for its amazing restaurants, a great chance to taste some real and traditional Italian cuisine.

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