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Afghanistan: an unexpected treasure

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Planning a holiday in Afghanistan? Start with cheap flights to Afghanistan’s biggest airport, Khwaja Rawash International Airport (KBL) in the capital of Kabul. Ariana Afghan Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Emirates offer cheap flights to Afghanistan from the UK, with stopovers.

When to book flights to Afghanistan

The Afghanistan climate sees snow-capped mountains in winter and some frightfully hot days in summer, even 50°C in cities like Jalalabad. The best months for planning a trip to Afghanistan are April, May and September. Book your flights to Afghanistan at least 4-5 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Spring and autumn.
  • Low season: Summer, due to extreme heat in the cities.

Flight duration

Flights to Afghanistan take around 13 hours with stopovers from London.

Experience Afghanistan: what to see, what to do

Despite American occupation and wartime terrorism, Afghanistan is an incredible country to visit. For now it’s only recommended to visit with a guided and organised tour. Here’s a little taste of what to see and do while visiting Afghanistan.

Essentials in Afghanistan

Bamiyan: Afghanistan was once a Buddhist country with some of the most remarkable Buddha statues. These tall stone carvings were considered one of the wonders of the world but were destroyed by the Taliban, along with many other of Afghanistan’s cultural treasures. You can still see the statue ruins in Bamiyan.

Mazar-e Sharif: The impressive Blue Mosque is located here and is a must for anyone heading in this direction on trips to Uzbekistan. This is the apparent burial ground for the prophet Mohammad’s cousin and is an important religious sights for muslims.

Band-e Amir: There is some really stunning scenery in Afghanistan and this is a highlight. These 5 stunning turquoise lakes in eastern Afghanistan were declared the country’s first national park in 2008.

Find more information on Afghanistan Tourism.

Accommodation in Afghanistan

There are major hotels and guesthouses across the country but don’t tend to meet international hotel standards. That being said, service is usually always friendly and reliable.

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