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Ajaccio guide: how to get there, what to see

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How to find cheap flights to Ajaccio

The city of Ajaccio is nestled comfortably on an island and welcomes visitors looking to enjoy its beauty and culture from around the world. There are many cheap flights to Ajaccio departing from Paris' biggest hub, Charles de Gaulle Airport. From London, Paris is just a train ride under the tunnel or a low cost flight away. The island of Corsica hosts two airports, but the one in Ajaccio sees the largest amount of passenger traffic. It's also considered to be the 11th most important airport in France. Summer is busy here, as you can imagine. If you're looking for a budget holiday, plan to search for your cheap flights to Ajaccio 3-6 months in advance, choosing travel dates that fall on either end of summer to avoid the peak-season prices at hotels and other tourist services. From London there are direct flights with Air France as well as with EasyJet, a popular low cost choice.

About Ajaccio: restaurants, sights, joie de vivre

Once you arrive to the city, you'll see it has its own Mediterranean feel to it. In the summer the restaurants are bustling, the patios are packed and everyone is out on the streets. THere are more than 100 restaurants and bistros to choose from so when it comes to making dinner plans you won't be stuck for choice in Ajaccio. Many of the hotels in Ajaccio also have their own restaurants that are certainly worth trying. Have a delicious breakfast; a light lunch and a scrumptious dinner, the choices are yours.

The official language here is French but Corsican is also widely spoken. Those who want to get active won’t be disappointed. There is ample fishing, shipbuilding and water sports like as skiing, windsurfing, swimming and diving. If you've booked cheap flights to Ajaccio for a luxury holiday, then stick to the hotels with direct views of the sea. For something more rugged, there are plenty of camping sites and hiking trails. Some of the top-rated attractions in Ajaccio include Place Foch, which is the local plaza. The National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence is a history museum dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte. Musee Fesch is a museum that has a collection of Renaissance works that will please the art lovers.

Practical information

The airport is located just 8km east of the city proper. Once you arrive off your flight from London you can grab either a taxi cab or a public bus for the short ride into the city centre. The city itself is quite small and compact, it's definitely considered a walking city as it's easy to get from point A to point B on your own two feet. Otherwise, the best way to get around Ajaccio is by taxi. The busiest taxi stand is in Place Gaulle.

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte was born here? Don't get caught by a local for not knowing who their beloved local hero is!

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