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Air Franceoutbound: 07-Oct-2021
2 stops (18h01m)
Air France
Delta Air Linesreturn: 29-Oct-2021
1 stop (15h35m)
Delta Air Lines
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 14-Aug-2021
2 stops (35h11m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 28-Aug-2021
2 stops (19h05m)
TAP Air Portugal
Singapore Airlinesoutbound: 16-Aug-2021
2 stops (36h26m)
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 03-Sep-2021
2 stops (27h03m)
Singapore Airlines
KLMoutbound: 06-Dec-2021
2 stops (17h51m)
Delta Air Linesreturn: 12-Dec-2021
2 stops (14h45m)
Delta Air Lines
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