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Planning a trip to the Persian Gulf? Search for cheap flights to Bahrain International Airport (BAH), the most popular airport in Bahrain. With excellent connections from London, find the cheapest flights to Bahrain onboard Qatar Airways, KLM, Emirates and British Airways.

When to book flights to Bahrain

With a tropical desert climate, Bahrain is the perfect place for beach bums. Winter is dry and warm while summer is hot and often muggy. Whichever time of the year you visit, plan your holidays in Bahrain 5-6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Late spring and early fall.
  • Low season: Winter and mid-summer.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Bahrain take 6 hours 30 minutes from London.

Experience Bahrain: what to see, what to do

Bahrain is famous for its beaches and for its authentic Arab feel without all the strict and suffocating laws that other Muslim countries have. This makes it a popular choice with Westerners on holidays in the Gulf.

Essentials in Bahrain

Beaches: Thanks to the stunning weather year-round the beaches are the biggest draw for visitors. Sailing and scuba diving are both extremely popular.

Tree of Life: It may be a trek with your Bahrain car hire to get here, but it's worth it. It's a lone tree in the middle of the desert amidst the oil wells. The fun is in seeing the pure oddity of it with nothing else around.

Hawar Islands: These islands just off the coast are extremely special for their unique environment and endangered birds who call them home. It's a particular place of interest for bird-watchers.

Find more information on Bahrain Tourism.

Accommodations in Bahrain

There are many hotels and resorts in Bahrain, especially in Manama, the capital. There are quite a few luxury hotels with not as much selection and choice on the cheaper side. For the best room rates, book your hotels in Bahrain early.

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