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Banjul: beaches, seafood and culture

Banjul city centre
Yundum International Airport (BJL): 9 mi from city centre

Flights to Banjul: practical information

Cheap airlines to Banjul

Bound for Western Africa? Take off on cheap flights to Banjul, the capital of glorious Gambia. Thomas Cook Airlines departed from London Gatwick and Manchester Airport. Royal Air Maroc, British Airways and Lufthansa offer flights to Banjul Yundum International Airport (BJL).

When to book flights to Banjul

Banjul is warm throughout the year but the best time to plan a holiday in Banjul is during the dry season, from November to June. To escape the heat, avoid booking flights to Banjul for March and April. Flights should be reserved at least 6 months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Dry months falls between November and June.
  • Low season: July, August and September should be avoided for rain, as well as March and April for the heat.

Flight duration

Flights to Banjul take 6 hours 30 minutes from London, direct.

Experience Banjul: what to see, what to do

Banjul is one of the fastest growing African destinations among British and European travellers. What's the attraction? Cheap holidays on some of the continent's most gorgeous beaches! Being right on the Atlantic, it would be a shame to miss Banjul's seafood.

Essentials in Banjul

Beaches: Banjul has some amazing beaches that are not far with a Banjul car hire. White sand and cool waters are what await but all beaches have different amenities so best ask a local which one is the best equipped.

Arch 22: Located at the end of Independence Drive, this is one of the city's great landmarks and at 35m tall, offers great views out over the city. Inside is a textile museum, a great cultural spot.

Food and drink: Banjul is right on the coast so you can imagine the seafood is pretty amazing and fresh here. Grilled fish, smoked fish, it all goes down a treat with a pint of local Julbrew. The locally grown peanuts are also a treat.

Find more information on Visit Gambia.

Accommodations in Banjul

There is a small selection of hotels in Banjul but as the city is on an island, there is little room for industry expansion as Banjul and Gambia grow in popularity. You'll find a number of beachfront hotels and resorts on the mainland however that are cheap and cater to Western traveller's needs.

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