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Barra: let your Hebrides adventure begin

Barra city centre
Barra Eoligarry Airport (BRR): 3 mi from city centre

Flights to Barra: practical information

Cheap airlines to Barra

Are the Hebrides calling? Start planning your holiday in the Isle of Barra with cheap flights to Barra Airport (BRR) onboard Loganair, a subsidiary of Flybe. Flight take off from Glasgow and Benbecula and are definitely worth it!

When to book flights to Barra

Summer is the best time to plan a trip to the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. The island has a population barely over 1,000 but the natural landscapes are stunning. Scheduled flights land on a beach runway and flights really depend on the weather. Book your flight to Barra at least 3 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, June to August.
  • Low season: Winter weather is unpredictable.

Flight duration

Flights to Barra take 1 hour 10 minutes from Glasgow.

Experience Barra: what to see, what to do

The Isle of Barra is a great spot to explore if you're looking for a calm and remote place to relax and unwind. From Kisimul Castle to Tangasdale Beach there is plenty to discover while you're here. The local life will no doubt charm.

Essentials in Barra

Kisimul Castle: It's pretty hard to miss this place, located right in Castlebay. To reach it you'll have to take a boat out to it but it's not to be missed. The castle's history is a varied and interesting ones with tales of pirates and more!

Loch Fishing: Fishing is a popular pastime here and the island even has its own challenge: fish all the lochs and catch at least one fish in each. Loch Tangusdale is the favourite for its brown trout.

Surf School: Barra is gaining popularity as a surf destination with every beach exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. The top spot though is Traigh Mhor, incidentally the same beach the airport uses to land.

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Accommodation in Barra

There aren't too many hotels on Barra which is why it's essential to book ahead when visiting in the summer months. Barra hotels easily get booked up a month in advance. There is one hostel, several self-catering cottages and houses plus a number of hotels in Castlebay.

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