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Ryanairoutbound: 21-Oct-2022
direct (1h20m)
Ryanairreturn: 22-Oct-2022
direct (1h15m)
easyJetoutbound: 21-Oct-2022
1 stop (8h55m)
easyJetreturn: 22-Oct-2022
1 stop (9h50m)
Lufthansaoutbound: 21-Oct-2022
1 stop (7h10m)
Brussels Airlinesreturn: 22-Oct-2022
direct (1h20m)
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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Belgium, tourism and travel info

Flights to Belgium: practical information

Cheap airlines to Belgium

Planning to spend your holidays in Belgium? We don't blame you, this European country is a perfect choice. Start your trip planning with cheap flights to Belgium. most visitors will touch down in Brussels at South Charleroi Airport (CRL) or at Antwerp Airport (ANR). Both are served by regular and low cost airlines.

When to book flights to Belgium

Belgium is extremely popular in summer despite the rather cool and sometimes rainy weather. This is when the country is most popular apart from Christmas and national holidays. Best to book your flights to Belgium at least 3-5 months before your trip.

  • Peak season: Summer.
  • Low season: Shoulder seasons, spring and autumn.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Belgium take just over 1 hour from England.

Experience Belgium: what to see, what to do

Sure Belgium has a host of government buildings but the country's rich heritage will certainly impress. Belgium has it all from Medieval and Art Nouveau architecture to a calm and pretty countryside, sandy beaches and forests.

Essentials in Belgium

Brussels: For first-time visitors to Belgium, a trip to the capital is a must. This vibrant city has it all. The modern buildings and historic monuments mix well in the European Quarter. Stop by the Gran Palace and don't miss the Laken Castle or St. Gaudula Cathedral.

Ghent: Centuries and centuries ago Ghent was one of the most wealthy cities in the north of Europe. The Medieval architecture here is stunning.

Ardennes: If you'd like to explore the Belgium countryside, Ardennes is the perfect place. Get a Belgium car hire and head to this region for cycling, hiking, camping and more among the forests, cliffs and caves.

Find more information on Visit Belgium.

Accommodations in Belgium

There are plenty of hotels in Belgium. Hotels in Brussels tend to be rather expensive, catering mostly to business travellers, diplomats and politicians from around Europe but in Belgium's smaller cities you can certainly find something in every price range, even for budget pockets.

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