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Spending your holidays in Bermuda is a dream! Start your trip planning with cheap flights to Bermuda International Airport (BDA). From London British Airways flights direct from Gatwick. Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue and American Airlines also offer cheap flights to Bermuda from the UK with stopovers.

When to book flights to Bermuda

Bermuda has amazing weather practically year-round and is particularly popular in winter when Europeans and Americans flock to the island's beaches to escape their own wintery weather. Best advice? Book your Bermuda flights at least 6 months before your trip.

  • Peak season: Spring and fall.
  • Low season: Summer and winter.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Bermuda take 7 hours from London.

Experience Bermuda: what to see, what to do

Bermuda may only be 21 square miles in area but it certainly packs in enough attractions for visitors on holidays. The country also includes a whopping 138 islands and islets and some pretty fantastic beaches.

Essentials in Bermuda

Beaches: Bermuda is famous for its pink sand beaches. Try Horseshoe Bay Beach which is great for snorkelling, Tobacco Bay in St. George Paris is also popular, sheltered by boulders.

Forts: Bermuda has a ton of forts and batteries that date back to the 1600s and were manned consistently until the 1950s. Must-visits include: Fort St. Catherine, Gates Fort, Alexandra Battery and Whale Bay Battery.

Bermuda Aquarium: This is one of the country's biggest attractions and is a treat to visit. Not only an aquarium but also a zoo and museum with replica coral reef and plenty of animals from around the world.

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Accommodations in Bermuda

Compared to other Caribbean countries, Bermuda hotels tend to be on the more expensive side and cheap budget options are only ever available in the off-season. Many visitors also take advantage of renting studio apartments and small villas for their trips.

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