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Bogota: a cultural gemstone

Bogota city centre
El Dorado International Airport (BOG): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Bogota: practical information

Cheap airlines to Bogota

Always dreamt of exploring Bogota's colonial alleyways? Now is your chance! Plan your holiday in Bogota starting with cheap flights to El Dorado International Airport (BOG) onboard flights from London. Iberia, American Airlines, United Airlines, and British Airways are just a few of the many airlines offering cheap flights to Bogota.

When to book flights to Bogota

Bogota enjoys mild yet warm temperatures year-round without any real changes. March is the warmest month of the year but it's the rain travellers need to watch out for. The rainiest months are April-May and October-November. For the best flight fares, book your tickets to Bogota at least 6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: March is the most popular time to visit.
  • Low season: Rainy months aren't a great time to go to Bogota, described above.

Flight duration

Flights to Bogota take around 15 hours with a stopover from London.

Experience Bogota: what to see, what to do

Bogota is often grouped together with cities like San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Dubai in terms of economical, political and cultural offerings which means that the Colombian capital is certainly an exciting city to visit! From century-old colonial squares to ultra-modern skyscraper, this city is built on contracts with plenty to discover at street-level.

Essentials in Bogota

La Candelaria: So many events that mark Colombia's history took place in this neighbourhood. It is strewn with interesting churches and museums and is the oldest part of the city. Top sights include the Emerald Museum, Museo Botero (for amazing art!) and the Museum Francisco Jose de Caldas.

Cerro de Monserrate: For great views of the city, take Bogota's funicular up the hill to this place. Don't forget to bundle up because it can be quite cold up on the top of the hill. You could also hike up, it takes 1.5 hours.

Avenida Septima: Head to this popular Bogota street on a Friday or Sunday night to see all sorts of street performers, catch magic shows and watch live music all for free. There are also plenty of stalls selling handcrafts and food. It's always a good time.

Find more information on Bogota Tourism Board.

Accommodation in Bogota

Location is everything in Bogota. La Canderlaria has many cheap hotels and mid-range hotels that are very popular with foreign visitors. Zona T and Parque de la 93 are home to some of the city's more expensive hotels in Bogota. Security is always a concern for foreigners, so always leave your passport and credit cards in the hotel safe when you go out.

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