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Bologna guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Bologna city centre
3 mi
42 mi

Flights to Bologna: practical information

Cheap airlines to Bologna

Historic Bologna is waiting! Are you planning a holiday in Bologna? Start with cheap flights to Bologna's Guglielmo Marconi International Airport (BLQ) From London the cheapest flights are onboard easyJet and Ryanair. Lufthansa, Air France and KLM also offer cheap flights to Bologna from the UK.

When to book flights to Bologna

Bologna is a popular spot among Italian tourists but largely undiscovered by foreigners. That being said it's a busy place during Italian holidays. The best time to visit is March-April and the fall. Summers are hot and many shops close as locals head to the coast.

  • Peak season: March to May when the weather is at its best.
  • Low season: Winters, except Christmas and New Year's.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Bologna take 2 hours from London.

Experience Bologna: what to see, what to do

Bologna is famous for its food so get ready to tuck into some amazing Italian fare. It's also home to the second oldest university in Europe, founded in 1088. Explore the arcades and plazas, they're a treat!

Essentials in Bologna

Portici: Bologna is home to some very unique covered arcades, 38km of them. Called portici, they've been used for thousands of years and are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sights today.

The Two Towers: Torre deli Asinelli and Torre die Garisenda are symbols for the city, built in the 12th century. They're a must-see at almost 100m tall. Climb up the to top if you dare!

Piazzas: Bologna is a walking city. Start in Piazza Maggiore, the main plaza surrounded by the Basilica and palaces. The Piazza Neptuno is home to the Neptune Fountain built in 1563. Stroll down the Via Rizzoli and grab drinks in the University Quarter.

Find more information on Bologna Tourism Office.

Accommodations in Bologna

The Bolognese are famous for their hospitality so you can bet that you'll get great service at any hotel in Bologna. You'll find Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the city centre as well as some hostels and "college" dormitories. There is also a host of mid-range hotels available too.

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