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Vuelingoutbound: 24-Sep-2021
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TAP Air Portugal
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Aegean Airlines
Vuelingreturn: 02-Aug-2021
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Air Europaoutbound: 09-Aug-2021
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Air Europa
easyJetoutbound: 30-Aug-2021
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Lufthansaoutbound: 01-Aug-2021
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Lufthansareturn: 08-Aug-2021
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Brussels guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Brussels city centre
9 mi
26 mi

Flights to Brussels: practical information

Cheap airlines to Brussels

When searching for your cheap flights to Brussels you have two airport to choose from: Brussels Airport (BRU) or Brussels Midi (ZYR). You can get direct cheap flights from London to Brussels with BMI as well as Brussels Airlines.

When to book flights to Brussels

According to statistics taken from the last 100 years, it rains in Brussels 200 days a year so packing an umbrella is essential any time of the year. It rarely snows as winter temperatures are usually just above freezing.

  • Peak season: Summer when weather is mild.
  • Low season: Winter, autumn when the most rain falls.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Brussels take 1 hour 15 minutes from London.

Experience Brussels: what to see, what to do

Get ready to experience culture and diversity at its finest in Brussels. From the city centre to the city outskirts, there is so much to discover. Getting around is easy with a Brussels car hire.

Essentials in Brussels

History: The historic part of Brussels is over 1000 years old, putting a lot of history on one’s plate in just one day. The historic centre is made up of a number of concentric ring roads. In the middle of the central ring you’ll find the city’s most famous sights including the Porte de Hal, the place de la Chapelle, Palais de Justice and the basilica. If you have a few days spend one in the historic centre and then the rest of your holiday in Brussels discovering the uptown squares and museums.

Gastronomy: Brussels is known for a few things besides being the capital of Europe. It excels at waffles, chocolate, French fries, Brussels sprouts, and of course a number of different types of beer.

Like a local: Originally Dutch speaking, now French is what the street talks but there is some tension on the subject. This city is a place where split personalities thrive. The locals are casual and enjoy themselves in outdoor patios when the weather is warm.

Find more information on Visit Brussels.

Accommodations in Brussels

Since one in every two travellers is in Brussels on "business" it's easy to understand why it's hard to find cheap hotels in Brussels. The best deals are during weekend, especially during the summer when business travellers aren’t so many.

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