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Air Europaoutbound: 03-Dec-2021
direct (3h05m)
Air Europa
Air Europareturn: 08-Dec-2021
direct (3h10m)
Air Europa
Aegean Airlinesoutbound: 20-Apr-2022
1 stop (10h)
Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlinesreturn: 27-Apr-2022
1 stop (6h)
Aegean Airlines
Austrian Airlinesoutbound: 25-Nov-2021
direct (1h35m)
Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlinesreturn: 28-Nov-2021
direct (1h35m)
Austrian Airlines
Air Franceoutbound: 02-Dec-2021
1 stop (10h40m)
Air France
Ryanairreturn: 06-Dec-2021
direct (2h55m)
KLMoutbound: 20-Nov-2021
1 stop (6h35m)
KLMreturn: 22-Nov-2021
1 stop (11h10m)
KLMoutbound: 11-Nov-2021
1 stop (12h30m)
KLMreturn: 14-Nov-2021
1 stop (6h45m)
Air Franceoutbound: 11-Nov-2021
1 stop (20h10m)
Air France
KLMreturn: 14-Nov-2021
1 stop (6h45m)
Air Canadaoutbound: 14-Jul-2022
direct (8h55m)
Air Canada
Austrian Airlinesreturn: 24-Jul-2022
1 stop (23h35m)
Austrian Airlines
Swissoutbound: 29-Dec-2021
direct (2h15m)
Swissreturn: 05-Jan-2022
direct (2h25m)
Lufthansaoutbound: 10-Nov-2021
direct (2h20m)
Lufthansareturn: 14-Nov-2021
direct (2h35m)
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Bucharest guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Bucharest city centre
4 mi
9 mi

Flights to Bucharest: practical information

Cheap airlines to Bucharest

Low cost airlines have only been connecting Bucharest with the rest of Europe for a few years but deals are easy to come by. From London, check out flights with Wizz Air. Fly with Tarom, the biggest airline company of Romania for low fares to the adventure you were seeking. Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP) is located outside the city in Otopeni, just 18km north of Bucharest. It's the main international hub for Romania.

When to book flights to Bucharest

Summers in Bucharest can get unbearably hot so most tend to avoid the Romanian capital in July and August. Winters are also quite cold so stick to spring and fall when planning your holidays in Bucharest.

  • Peak season: April to June when the weather is warm and sunny. Fall and early December.
  • Low season: Winters and peak summer, July and August.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Bucharest take 3 hours 30 minutes from London.

Experience Bucharest: what to see, what to do

Pack your suitcase and discover the fascinating world of Bucharest. You may be quite surprised with what you find to love. Bucharest was once known as "Little Paris" but as lot has changed since then. Today you can still find so many French palaces which create a dynamic mix of old and new 21st century office buildings.

Essentials in Bucharest

Parliament Palace: This is the heart of Bucharest. It's the world's second largest building after the Pentagon in the USA. Don't miss a tour of this giant place, especially one that takes you up to the roof terrace. Skip the basement.

Village Museum: Built in 1934, this is the original open-air museum and features 300 traditional buildings including workshops and mills, furniture and clothing from all over Romania.

Stavropoleos Church: This little church is really something special. It was built in the 18th century and has the most stunning decorative sculptures and frescoes.

Find more information on Romania Tourism.

Accommodations in Bucharest

Romania's capital city is full of choice when it comes to finding a cheap hotel in Bucharest. During peak holiday times however it certainly pays to book your rooms early and compare the offers to make sure you're getting the best deals.

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