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The Kingdom of Cambodia beckons! Planning a holiday in Cambodia? If so, start your trip planning with cheap flights to Cambodia's main airport, Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH). Regular airlines like Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and others offer the cheapest flights to Cambodia from the UK.

When to book flights to Cambodia

Cambodia is enjoying a tourism surge right now as the country is climbing as one of the most exciting and budget countries to visit in this part of Asia. That being said, it's best to avoid monsoon season if you're planning flights to Cambodia for your next holiday.

  • Peak season: November to February when weather is cool and dry.
  • Low season: June to August when days are hot, humid and wet.

Flight duration

Flights to Cambodia with one stopover take around 16 hours from London.

Experience Cambodia: what to see, what to do

Cambodia is a magical country that will certainly enchant. From the capital, Phnom Penh to the ancient temples near Siem Reap, Cambodia offers history, culture and stunning nature.

Essentials in Cambodia

Beaches: Cambodia has some pretty amazing beaches near Sihanoukville. The beaches here tend to be less crowded than those in Thailand and are just as nice. Best ones include: Victory Beach, Independence Beach, Sokha Beach and Ochheuteal Beach.

Angkor Temples: Most everyone that visits will get a Cambodia car hire to go to Siem Reap and visit the Angkor temples. Best to set aside at least 2 or 3 days to visit the entire complex. There's no way you could see it all in one day.

Island life: If you're looking to get away on an island paradise, visit Koh Rong. Imagine Thailand's islands 15 years ago before mass tourism and this is what you can expect here: miles of jungle, 30+ beaches, fishing villages and rustic bungalows.

Find more information on Tourism Cambodia.

Accommodations in Cambodia

Cambodia has a wide variety of hotels, even Western-style ones but you'll only find those in larger cities and towns. Guesthouses in Cambodia's countryside can be rented for next to nothing but for rooms with luxuries like hot water and air conditioning, expect to pay more.

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