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TAP Air Portugal
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Air Europaoutbound: 07-Dec-2021
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2 stops (20h45m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: 22-Feb-2022
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Air Canada
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Air France
Delta Air Linesreturn: 31-Jan-2022
1 stop (11h50m)
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Air Franceoutbound: 02-May-2022
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Air France
Delta Air Linesreturn: 08-May-2022
1 stop (17h50m)
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KLMoutbound: 20-Feb-2022
2 stops (30h10m)
KLMreturn: 04-Mar-2022
2 stops (33h)
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 02-Oct-2021
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TAP Air Portugal
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TAP Air Portugal
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Cancun guide: how to get there, what to see

Cancun city centre
Cancún International Airport (CUN): 10 mi from city centre

Flights to Cancun: practical information

Cheap airlines to Cancun

Airline tickets to Cancun for cheap are easy to come by with so many major international airlines operating flights to and from Cancun and the UK. Cancun International Airport (CUN) sees more visitors than any other location in Mexico. Find flights with Continental Airlines, Mexicana de Aviacion, Iberia and British Airways.

When to book flights to Cancun

Peak season in Cancun is December to April. Since June is scorching hot, try visiting at the end of summer or at the beginning of fall. Cancun is a hotspot for American tourists so avoid peak holidays!

  • Peak season: Between February to April.
  • Low season: Late April to May is when hotels and flights to Cancun tend to be cheaper.

Flight duration

Flights to Cancun from London take 11h 30min with one stopover, likely in the USA.

Experience Cancun: what to do, what to see

Where the weather is always balmy, the food is spicy and you’ll never run out of things to do; Cancun. This Mexican city is beautiful in so many ways and on a variety of levels. Tourists flock to this mecca of flavour in foods, sites, places to stay and things to do.

Essentials in Cancun

Riviera Maya: This is the main tourist district in and around Cancun. It's also called the Mayan Riviera and its a hot spot for hotels and beaches. It starts at Playa del Carmen and runs all the way along the coast until Tulum, including of course the Isla de Cozumel as well.

Chichen Itza: The temple is dedicated to the Mayan goddess of fertility and the moon, Ixchel. In the 1980s the ruins were heavily damaged by a hurricane but today are well-worth exploring if you're looking for a little Mayan flavour to add to your holiday in Cancun.

Snorkelling: Cancun is prime snorkelling territory. Take a boat out to secluded lagoons and snorkel the reefs and sunken ships, even underwater statue parks!

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Accommodations in Cancun

At first it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to reserving a hotel in Cancun. The main drag for beach resorts and hotels is the Boulevard Kukucán. Hotels here however are expensive.

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