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Casablanca: Royal contrasts, culinary traditions and sights

Casablanca city centre
Mohammed V International Airport (CMN): 16 mi from city centre

Flights to Casablanca: practical information

Cheap airlines to Casablanca

Pack your bags and prepare yourself for the wonderful sites and sounds that make up the beautiful city of Casablanca. Cheap flights to Casablanca set you down in the heart of the city at the Mohammed V Airport. Mohammad V International Airport (CMN) is the busiest airport in Morocco and is the main hub for the national airline carrier, Royal Air Maroc as well as Jet4you and Air Arabia Maroc.

When to book flights to Casablanca

Flight to Casablanca should be booked at least 3-4 months in advance. The climate is Mediterranean with dry summers and rainy but mild winters. The Atlantic Ocean lends it temperature to the city making for season changes and occasional extreme cold or heat.

  • Peak season: Spring/summer
  • Low season: Winters can get very chilly, especially during the nights.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Casablanca take 4 hours from London.

Experience Casablanca: what to see, what to do

In Casablanca there is more to see than the stark contrasts which first hit visitors when they arrive. It is a city sitting on the edge of modernity, European in style yet still pulled into Moroccan history. There is so much to discover!

Essentials in Casablanca

Architecture: Architecture is a curious yet alluring mix of Art Deco, Hispanic, and Moorish styles. There are two faces of Casablanca: the commercial side with office buildings, wide boulevards that carry the names of Moroccan kings and world leaders and the innate side, the medina with its winding streets and buzzing marketplaces.

Hassan II Mosque: Michel Pinseau, a French architect, designed the Hassan II Mosque, one of the city’s most glorified monuments. In Casablanca, architecture overpowers the list of must-see sights, so you better bring your camera!

Moroccan cuisine: Moroccan cuisine is one with many flavours and influences from outside cultures. It is a mix of French, Arab, Mediterranean, Moorish and Berber. The key to Moroccan cooking is the spice. Main dishes that are available at any restaurant serving local foods are couscous, pastilla (meat pie), tajine (stew with lamb and seasonal fruits and vegetables), tanjia, and harira (chickpea and lentil soup).

Find more information on Visit Casablanca.

Accommodations in Casablanca

There are no hotels at the airport but you can find cheap hotels and traditional riads in the city centre. During ramadan and other religious festivals it's essential to book your hotels in Casablanca in advance due to the popularity of visiting the Hassan II Mosque. To avoid the Western crowds, best to avoid half-term holidays in summer.

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