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Cayman Islands: sting rays, botanic parks and tutles

Flights to the Cayman Islands: practical information

Cheap airlines to the Cayman Islands

There's no better place to plan a holiday than the Cayman Islands! Located right in the Caribbean Sea, just south of Cuba, these islands are known for their coral reefs and clear waters. Start your trip with cheap flights to the Cayman Islands' biggest airport, Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) near George Town. British Airways, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Air Canada fly to the Cayman Islands.

When to book flights to the Cayman Islands

The weather in the Cayman Islands is tropically warm with a bit of rain in the summer (May to October). Winters are dry and still relatively warm. Book your flights to the Cayman Islands at least 6 months before you'd like to travel for the best flight deals.

  • Peak season: Winter is the best time to visit the Cayman Islands, October to April.
  • Low season: Hurricane season is not be the best time to plan a holiday to the Cayman Islands.

Flight duration

Direct flights to the Cayman Islands take 12 hours from London.

Experience the Cayman Islands: what to see, what to do

The Cayman Islands are one of the richest islands in the world and the locals enjoy one of the highest standards of living. If you're after a touch of luxury, this is your spot! Tour George Town, laze about Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and don't miss Rum Point!

Essentials in the Cayman Islands

Stingray City: Probably the most popular thing to do in the Cayman Islands is to swim with stingrays. You can feed and pet them while snorkelling in waist-deep water. It's a great opportunity to get a photo of you with one!

Boatswains Beach: This 24 acre marine park is the world's only commercial green sea turtle farm with over 16,000 sea titles, one are even 600 pounds in weight! The park includes a turtle tank where you can swim inside, iguana sanctuary, nature trail and predator tank.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park: While you're in George Town, don't miss this park on a sunny afternoon. There is a lot to see here including a 1900s Cayman farmhouse, sand garden and the endangered blue iguana!

Find more information on Cayman Island Tourism.

Accommodations in the Cayman Islands

Hotels in the Cayman Islands are expensive and generally cater to the luxury travel market. That being said, it is easy to find hotel deals out of season or even in the shoulder seasons before the crowds arrive. Always book your hotel rooms in advance.

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