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Chambery guide: how to get there, what to see

Chambery city centre
Chambéry-Savoie Airport (CMF): 5 mi from city centre

Flights to Chambery: practical information

Cheap airlines to Chambery

Chambery is a treat and you won't regret booking cheap flights for one second. Aéroport de Chambéry-Savoie (CMF) is located 10km north of the city, right next to Lac du Bourget. For the cheapest flights to Chambery, try British Airways, Flybe or Jet2.

When to book flights to Chambery

Chambery is primarily a winter destination, due to its proximity to the Alps but it's also a treat in summer because of the lake. For the cheapest flights, try the shoulder seasons or stick with low cost or charter airlines.

  • Peak season: Winter, summer.
  • Low season: Spring and fall.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Chambery take 2 hours 25 minutes from London.

Experience Chambery: what to see, what to do

Heading to France's Rhone-Alps region for a holiday in Chambery? You won't be disappointed by this pretty little city. Throughout history this place has been both Italian and French, and today is the best of both worlds, you'll see!

Essentials in Chambery

Medieval Quarter: The small streets in this area of town are completely charming, especially the 13th century Rue Base du Chateau. You can spend an entire afternoon wandering around this part.

Vineyards: Pick up a Chambery car hire and head out to the vineyards! The region is rich in opportunities to tour wineries and vineyards. Just don't forget to designate a driver for the day.

Chateau de Chambery: This castle is a must if you're visiting on holidays in Chambery. It was once the residence of the Ducs de Savoie. The adjoining chapel once housed the Shroud of Turin.

Find more information on Chambery-Tourisme.

Accommodations in Chambery

Chambery is a small city but there is still a range of choices for hotel accommodation. Whether you choose an up-scale hotel, something mid-range or a budget hostel outside the city centre, book it well in advance if you plan to visit during peak seasons.

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