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Singapore Airlinesoutbound: 28-Sep-2019
1 stop (38h15m)
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 05-Oct-2019
1 stop (34h20m)
Singapore Airlines
Etihad Airwaysoutbound: 17-May-2019
2 stops (19h40m)
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airwaysreturn: 30-May-2019
2 stops (29h45m)
Etihad Airways
KLMoutbound: 17-Jun-2019
2 stops (34h25m)
KLMreturn: 24-Jun-2019
2 stops (19h20m)
Qatar Airwaysoutbound: 24-Jan-2020
1 stop (35h50m)
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: 09-Feb-2020
1 stop (17h20m)
Qatar Airways
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Songkran is right around the corner and Thailand is gearing up by buying water guns. Thailand celebrates the New Year with a 2-6 day festival during the hottest months of the year. Imagine: a city-wide water fight from morning till night!

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