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Cheap airlines to China

Looking for cheap flights to China? You're in the right place whether you're visiting this impressive country for business or pleasure. Home to countless modern attractions, ancient temples and even walls, its rich cultural heritage will not disappoint. Finding direct flights to China isn't difficult but the cheapest flights often have at least one stopover. Qatar Airways, KLM, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, China Souther Airways and others offer cheap flights to China from the UK.

When to book flights to China

To find the cheapest flights to China, it's a good idea not to travel during the popular season. Because of China's size this can vary from district to district but generally Chinese New Year is oe of the most expensive times to fly to China and during autumn.

  • Peak season: October and November.
  • Low season: The rest of the year, depending on which region you visit.

Flight duration

Direct flights to China vary in length depending on your final destination. Flights London - Shanghai take 12 hours while flights to Beijing take 10 hours.

Experience China: what to see, what to do

Travellers visiting on holidays in China can expect a huge culture shock if they've never visited before. The country's impressive historical treasures, culture, food will impress. Sights like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace and the Terracotta Army, the mausoleum of Shi Huangdi and the Three Gorges Dam are just the beginning of the possibilities China has to offer.

Essentials in China

Great Wall: This huge structure extends over 8,000 kilometres through the rural landscapes of China and into Mongolia. You can even see it with the naked eye from space! Protected as an UNESCO World Heritage Sight today, it was originally built to keep China separate from the rest of the world. The Wall attracts thousands of visitors everyday.

Terracotta Army: This unusual collection of clay soldiers, horses and warriors was discovered in the tomb of the first Qin Emperor in 1974. The army consists of over 7,000 life-size figures and has quickly become a world famous attraction in China. The warriors were meant to protect the Emperor on his journey to the afterlife.

Chengdu: Everyone loves giant pandas. They're so cute you'd like to cuddle them… and you can! Take a trip with a China car hire to Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. The park itself is famous for its colourful lakes and waterfalls but it is also a natural habitat for the pandas. It you want the experience of holding a panda, you'll have to visit a panda centre in Cengdu.

Beijing: Of course the capital city is a must for all travellers visiting China for the first time. This sprawling city is the cultural centre of the country and where you can find such attractions like the Forbidden City.

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Accommodations in China

In China it's easy to find a good deal on your accommodations. If you are accustomed to staying in hotels of a certain standard, expect to pay a little more but if you're flexible and ready for an adventure, there are many guest houses, holiday apartments, rooms and hostels which will be much cheaper than hotels in China and offer a very different experience of the country.

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