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Singapore Airlinesreturn: 05-Feb-2022
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Qatar Airwaysreturn: 23-Oct-2021
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Colombo: the heart and soul of Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo city centre
8 mi
18 mi

Flights to Colombo: practical information

Cheap airlines to Colombo

Heading to the capital of Sri Lanka? Touch down on cheap flights to Colombo onboard Sri Lankan Airlines, Jet Airways India, Qatar Airways, Emirates and British Airways. Bandaranaike International (CMB) is about an hour's drive away if you get stuck in traffic.

When to book flights to Colombo

Colombo enjoys great weather year round so there doesn't tend to be any high or low season except during public and religious holidays. Whenever you hope to visit, plan to book your flights to Colombo at least six months in advance.

  • Peak season: Year-round but especially July and August.
  • Low season: December and January.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Colombo take at least 11.5 hours from London.

Experience Colombo: what to see, what to do

Sri Lanka's heart and soul is in the capital. Markets, gardens, beaches and buildings make up this city called home by millions of Sri Lankans. Colombo is not to be missed and the best way to explore it is through your senses.

Essentials in Colombo

Food: Street food in Colombo is king. There are so many tastes and smells to explore. Buy a "lunch packet" from any street stall and you'll get a filling helping of rice and vegetables for 60p. Tuck into a plate of hoppers, pancakes make with delicious coconut milk.

Galle Face Green Promenade: On a sunny Saturday or Sunday head down to the promenade for a picnic or just a walk. The promenade stretches alongside the Indian Ocean and offers amazing views at sunset.

National Museum of Colombo: For a history lesson while on holidays in Colombo, head to the largest museum in the city. It's located in Cinnamon Gardens and houses many treasures including the royal crown and regalia of the 17th century Kandyan Kings.

Find more information on Sri Lanka Travel.

Accommodations in Colombo

Looking for the cheapest hotels in Colombo? Search for rooms near the Colombo Fort train station. The cheapest rooms will be private but likely with shared bathrooms. There are many hotels to choose from and Western travellers will likely feel most comfortable in mid-range to upscale hotels with air-conditioning in the hot season.

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Travel Inspiration

Hot deal: London – Sri Lanka for £354

Try something new this winter season! Fly from London to Colombo (Sri Lanka) for £354, all taxes included. There is a whole world to explore in this Indian Ocean country from surfing to tea tours to mountain trekking.

Travel Inspiration

Satisfy your foodie cravings in Sri Lanka for £483

Foodies looking for a new holiday destination listen up? Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is sure to satisfy. Fly from London to Colombo for £483 this autumn with Oman Air.

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