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Swissoutbound: 13-Aug-2020
1 stop (14h)
Swissreturn: 20-Aug-2020
1 stop (14h10m)
Aegean Airlinesoutbound: 13-Aug-2020
1 stop (8h25m)
Aegean Airlines
Olympic Airreturn: 20-Aug-2020
1 stop (8h05m)
Olympic Air
Ryanairoutbound: 21-Sep-2020
1 stop (14h)
Wizz Airreturn: 08-Oct-2020
1 stop (13h40m)
Wizz Air
easyJetoutbound: 21-Sep-2020
direct (4h50m)
easyJetreturn: 08-Oct-2020
direct (4h55m)
easyJetoutbound: 24-Oct-2020
1 stop (7h45m)
Ryanairreturn: 31-Oct-2020
1 stop (27h25m)
Thomson Airwaysoutbound: 24-Oct-2020
direct (4h35m)
Thomson Airways
easyJetreturn: 31-Oct-2020
direct (5h10m)
British Airwaysoutbound: 24-Oct-2020
1 stop (22h)
British Airways
British Airwaysreturn: 31-Oct-2020
1 stop (15h20m)
British Airways
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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Cyprus, tourism and travel info

Flights to Cyprus

Regular and low cost flights to Cyprus

The easiest way to get to Cyprus is by air and the cheapest way is on a charter flight. Scheduled flights tend to be expensive to this little Mediterranean country but you can find low-fares if you search for cheap Cyprus airline tickets. The Republic’s main airports are Larnaka Airport (LCA) and Pafos Airport (PFO) while the North is serviced by Ercan Airport (ECN).

Larnaca is served by low cost and charter Cyprus flight tickets with EasyJet, Monarch Airlines and Thomson Airways from London and Manchester, even Ireland and Newcastle. EasyJet also flies to Paphos.

When to book cheap flights to Cyprus

Cyprus is the kind of place that is great all year round, with hot summers and mild winters. Like all Mediterranean island hotspots, the changing seasons impact when to book tickets to Cyprus. When to go really depends on what you want to do and if you have a budget, compare flight prices to Cyprus before you start planning anything.

  • Peak season: August, UK holidays (including half-term breaks).
  • Low season: Winter (December and January) although there isn't a real "low" in tourism, even during the milder months.

Flight duration

It takes 4h 40min to fly from London to Larnaca.

Experience Cyprus: what to do, what to see

Tourist brochures surely paint a different picture of this island in the Mediterranean than the locals would. In any case, Cyprus offers a beautiful and interesting mix of Western influence and Eastern climate and geography. Located off the shores of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and not far from the Greek islands, Cyprus is often referred to as "the crossroads of three continents."

Essentials in Cyprus

The "island of Aphrodite" has more than just beach resorts to offer. Save time for hiking its rugged mountains, uncovering lost villages and scoping out ancient kingdoms when you plan a holiday in Cyprus.

Agia Napa: This city is located on the south-east corner of the island and has a reputation that's known all over Europe for wild parties and top-notch resorts. Designed for package tourists, if you travel there at high season it will be hard to find accommodations.

Troödos Massif: This mountainous region of Cyprus is most well-known for its highest peak, Mt Olympus. Ski in winter or escape the blistering sun in the summer. The most ideal is to take a Cyprus car hire up to see the little villages, Byzantine churches, and small communities on the way.

Ancient Salamis: Stepping into ancient Salamis, it's like time warping. Ruins here date back to 1100 BC when Salamis was the capital of Cyprus. The most impressive here is the Gymnasium, surrounded by columns. Equally impressive is the theatre with 50 rows of seats and its beheaded marble statues.

Lefkosia:Cyprus’ capital city, it is also the main centre for culture away from the beaches. It is considered the last divided city, as there is a check-point in order to enter the northern half of the city. It is a city of contrast with one side neat and tidy and the other cracked and quickly deteriorating. Both sides are worth a visit however.

Castles: Cyprus' north is dotted with Gothic castles, dating from the 10th to 15th centuries and built by Byzantines. St. Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara sit atop mountain peaks and were essential in defending Cyprus during the Middle Ages.

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Accommodations in Cyprus

Since the sun shines more than 300 days a year, finding hotels in Cyprus isn't always easy, peak time is year-round it seems. As with any popular destination, booking early rings true with hotels here as well as for finding a cheap flight ticket to Cyprus. All inclusive resorts and luxury villas are popular in the south, that's the standard at least in Agia Napa. It's all about location, being close to the beach, while offering the widest range of amenities possible. To the north and in the mountains, you're more likely to find family-run guesthouses in historical homes, B&Bs and cosy inns with excellent traditional restaurants.

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