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Dinard: garden city by the sea

Dinard city centre
Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport (DNR): 3 mi from city centre

Flights to Dinard: practical information

Cheap airlines to Dinard

Planning a holiday in Dinard, a beautiful town right on the coast of northern France? It's well connected from London with cheap flights to Dinard onboard Ryanair. During the summer holiday season also offers flights to Dinard from London and Manchester.

When to book flights to Dinard

Summer is really the best time to experience Dinard. Being right on the coast, Dinard's beaches are a popular place to spend the afternoons. When planning your trip, consider booking your flights to Dinard a few months in advance, 3-4 is best, if you want to secure the cheapest flight fares.

  • Peak season: Summer, starting in June.
  • Low season: Winters are generally slow and a cheap time to visit.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Dinard take just over 1 hour from London.

Experience Dinard: what to see, what to do

Dinard is a fishing village turn glorious resort town in the 19th century. It's a popular place for British families escaping to France's sunny coasts for some Vitamin D. Dinard has seen the likes of kings, queens, Europe's aristocrats, artists and the cream of the high society crop.

Essentials in Dinard

St Malo: Get yourself a Dinard car hire and visit the famous walled city of St Malo; it's incredible! The place was bombed to nothing by the Americans and every 18th century building was painstakingly rebuilt in their original style. At low tide, the beach is a great escape!

Tour Solidor: For fantastic views, head to this medieval tower overlooking the port of St-Servan. There's something so charming about all the tiny sailboats out on the water in summer; the perfect photo to send back home.

Longchamp: Rent a surfboard and head to this famous beach. It's the perfect place to surf and the place to see and be seen. Pack a picnic, you won't want to give up your spot on this beach.

Find more information on Dinard Tourism Board.

Accommodations in Dinard

In the summer Dinard's population swells to around 40,000 which means that hotel rooms and apartments are in high demand. It's essential to book your hotels in Dinard in advance. For a touch of luxury, the Grand Hôtel Barrière overlooking the Rance Estuary will do just fine!

Dinard, lightsDinard, market

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