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Djerba guide: how to get there, what to see

Djerba city centre
Djerba Zarzis International Airport (DJE): 6 mi from city centre

How to find cheap flights to Djerba

Djerba is a beautiful island that is unlike any other vacation destination in the world. Use to find flights for your next holiday in Tunisia by searching among 250+ travel site simultaneously. Always compare flight prices before booking. Use the search filters to find the flight that best suits your travel style: customize airports, number of stopovers, budget and even airlines! The island of Djerba is an excellent destination for your next vacation. Cheap flights to Djerba are your ticket to picturesque beaches and quaint villages with whitewashed houses everywhere. You’ll enjoy the outdoor cafes and lively markets along with a pirate’s castle.

Beaches, souks and the prettiest sunsets

The best beaches are found along Ras R'mel Peninsula. The area is simply beautiful. You can rent a bike or a car to tour the tiny villages or just lounge the days away on the beach. This is also the best place to enjoy local and fresh fish at a family-run restaurant. The locals here are very open, many of them selling handicrafts from their homes which include Bedouin silver jewellery and other trinkets. Don't miss out on the Turkish baths as well.

When the sun sets, don't miss the spectacular display of colours on the north-western side of the island at Borj Djillidj. It's the best place to enjoy the view. There is a pretty lighthouse there as well as a tiny port where fishermen go to catch octopus with clay pots, the traditional way to do it. As for souks, head to Houmt, a colourful market place near Place de Algerie to buy your local textiles, spices, tasty dates, loofahs and other souvenirs like pottery and drums. While on Djerba, you can also enjoy the Guellala Museum, El Ghriba Synagogue, Jama Fadloud, Djerba Explore wildlife park and Royal Carriage Club horseback riding stables during the day.

Practical information

Public transportation in Djerba is extremely limited but taxi service is reasonable. It is easy to rent a bicycle for your trip or even a small motor-bike! Remember, do not drink tap water in Djerba, only bottled water which is widely available all over the island. While UK nationals do not need visas to enter Tunisia, many European nationals do. Search for your cheap flights to Djerba at least 4-6 months before your trip to find the best fares.

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