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Djibouti: Africa's best-kept secret

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Heading to Djibouti? Start planning your trip with cheap flights to Djibouti onboard Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air France, Emirates, among others. The main hub is Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (JIB), just 5km from the capital.

When to book flights to Djibouti

Djibouti is very hot and humid in the summer months. When planning your holiday in Djibouti, think about visiting in winter, from October to April, when the weather is cooler. Book your flights to Djibouti at least 4-5 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Winter, October to April.
  • Low season: Summer.

Flight duration

Flights to Djibouti take around 15 hours with a stopover from London.

Experience Djibouti: what to see, what to do

Djibouti may not be the biggest country in Africa but it certainly packs a lot in to a small space. It’s one of the continent’s youngest countries and one of the least known, making it the perfect destination for the adventurous among us. From Djibouti City to the Goda Mountains and beyond…

Essentials in Djibouti

Djibouti City: Djibouti City is a bustling place that doesn’t sit still for long. This busy port city is have a renaissance, thanks to foreign investment but despite the urban planning, it’s a real laid back place with some great bars and delicious eateries.

Goda Mountains: If you hire a car in Djibouti, make sure you take a trip up to the Goda Mountains, northwest of the Gulf of Tadjoura. The landscape is startlingly green, a treat after exploring Djibouti’s dusty desert places.

Lake Assal: Lake Assal is the lowest point in all of Africa, 157 metres below sea level. Lake Assal is also the saltiest lake outside of Antarctica and is a sight that should definitely be seen.

Accommodation in Djibouti

Djibouti City is the best place for Western-style hotels but be prepared to dish out. Guesthouses and home stays are more popular in rural locations and up in the mountains. In the mountains, tourist camping is the most popular type of accommodation.

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