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Doha guide: how to get there, what to see

Doha city centre
Hamad International Airport (DOH): 4 mi from city centre

Flights to Doha: practical information

Cheap airlines to Doha

Planning a holiday in Doha, capital of Qatar? Search for flights to Doha International Airport (DOH), one of the main gateways to the Persian Gulf Region. Emirates, Gulf Air, Egyptair, British Airways, KLM, among others, are offering cheap flights to Doha from the UK.

When to book flights to Doha

The best time to visit Doha is between November and April when the weather is pleasantly warm (but not scorching) and many cultural festivals take place during these months. For the cheapest flights to Doha, book your tickets at least 6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: November to April.
  • Low season: Summer, when the weather is scorching.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Doha take almost 9 hours from London.

Experience Doha: what to see, what to do

Doha is emerging as one of the major cities in the Gulf. The museums, cultural heritage monuments, forts, zoos and the Corniche are just the beginning. Pack your bags, get ready for your holiday in Doha!

Essentials in Doha

Corniche: Doha's Al-Corniche is a popular spot for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the city's coastline. Take a walk along the promenade alongside the boat and take in the views of Palm Tree Island and the city's modernist skyscrapers.

Museum of Islamic Arts: This is Doha's most prominent museum, with a collection of art and artefacts from Asia, Africa, Europe and of course the Middle East. The museum is most known however for its exterior architecture.

Souq Waqif: If shopping is on your agenda, get a Doha car hire and head to Souq Waqif, the Arabian market quarter. You can easily spend hours wandering around the small alleyways and shopping the stalls for spices, textiles, even falcons!

Find more information on Qatar Tourism.

Accommodations in Doha

You won't be at a loss for hotel choices while in Doha. There is a huge selection of five-star hotels in Doha with plenty more in development. Most up-scale hotels are located near the Corniche and it's always recommended to book your rooms early to ensure a good price.

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