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Dresden: Saxon palaces, kings and culture

Dresden city centre
Dresden Airport (DRS): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Dresden: practical information

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Planning a holiday in Dresden? This beautiful German city has plenty to offer. Winter or summer, the city is a charm. Start your trip with cheap flights to Dresden-Klotzsche Airport (DRS) onboard Air Berlin, germanwings, British Airways and Lufthansa.

When to book flights to Dresden

Dresden is a cultural gem and even in winter the city is beautiful with a full program for theatre, ballet and opera lovers. Summer however is a much nicer time to visit weather-wise, with so many green parks. Book your flights to Dresden at least three months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summers are always popular, June to August.
  • Low season: Winter, except Christmastime.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Dresden take 2 hours from London.

Experience Dresden: what to see, what to do

Dresden has been home to many Saxon kings and princes, including Augustus the Strong who once presided over Poland as well. The city has a wealth of historic palaces, mansions, and castles to visit. There's nothing better to do on a sunny day than explore the historic streets.

Essentials in Dresden

Zwinger Palace: This baroque palace has many highlights including the sculptures of Permoser, the nympheum, bell pavilion and an impressive art collection. The "Alte Meister" is here, Rafael's famous Madonna Sistina.

Schloss und Grünes Gewölbe: This is Europe's finest treasure chamber museum with the biggest green diamond as well as the court jewels of the Aurengzeb Court. There are two tickets, one to enter the Historic Green Vault and the other for entering the castle.

Fürstenzug: The world's biggest porcelain painting is in Dresden and it depicts almost all of the Saxon princesses and kinds on their horses and dressed in their most splendid parade costumes. The annual Christmas market is always held just underneath it.

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Accommodation in Dresden

Dresden has plenty of youth hostels for travellers on a real shoestring but also a good selection of hotels in the mid-range. Ibis, Mercuse, Art'hotel, among others offer visitors comfort and proximity to all the tourist sights and attractions at a reasonable price. It's always recommended to book your hotel rooms in Dresden as far in advance as possible.

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