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Qatar Airwaysoutbound: 16-Feb-2021
1 stop (31h05m)
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Qatar Airwaysreturn: 02-Mar-2021
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Emiratesoutbound: 02-Sep-2021
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Turkish Airlinesoutbound: 03-Feb-2021
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Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlinesreturn: 03-Apr-2021
1 stop (11h)
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Turkish Airlinesoutbound: 03-Feb-2021
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Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlinesreturn: 03-Apr-2021
1 stop (11h)
Turkish Airlines

Ethiopia: castles, waterfalls, history and more

Flights to Ethiopia: practical information

Cheap airlines to Ethiopia

Planning a holiday in Ethiopia? This African nation is a fascinating choice as one of the oldest independent countries in the world. Catch cheap flights to Ethiopia’s biggest airport, Bole International Airport (ADD) in Addis Ababa. Saudi Arabian Airways, Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, and others fly from London Gatwick and Heathrow.

When to book flights to Ethiopia

Weather and seasons vary greatly around Ethiopia with cooler temperatures in the highlands and pleasant warm weather year-round in Addis Ababa. The only thing you need to plan around is the wet season, which generally falls between June and September.

  • Peak season: Winter months, November-February.
  • Low season: Rainy season, June-September.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Ethiopia take 8 hours from London.

Experience Ethiopia: what to see, what to do

Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian nations in the world with a long and disturbing history. The fossils of the oldest living mankind, “Lucy” was found here and today historic cities, ancient ruins and wildlife make it a leading African destination.

Essentials in Ethiopia

Harar: This ancient walled city is located near Dire Dawa and is not to be missed. Take your Ethiopia car hire to a trip to this historic UNESCO site that was a major commercial town for centuries. It’s the fourth holiest city of Islam with 82 mosques.

Blue Nile Falls: This amazing waterfall is about 35km from Bahir Dar and while it’s smaller than Victoria Falls it is still an impressive sight to see. The route to get there is splendid with some amazing scenery to take in along the way.

Gondar: Looking for a bit of royalty? Gondar is Ethiopia’s royal and historic city with some of the only castles in Eastern Africa. Many emperors and princesses resided here from the 12th century to the 20th century. Gondar Castle is also known as the “Ethiopian Camelot.”

Find more information on Tourism Ethiopia.

Accommodation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is home to hundred of hotels but at times the term “hotel” can be used to loosely describe a small room with a tiny bed and no running water. Hotel reviews are invaluable when booking a hotel in Ethiopia. Watch out for “tourist rates” and it is completely acceptable to bargain for a cheaper price upon arrival.

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